Meet The 137th President of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME: A Paragon Of Commitment To Human Progress

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME): A Paragon Of Commitment To Human Progress

There are more than 800 people in the world today who have no access to safe water. Women and children, as the ones who are taking care of the household in most countries, spend countless hours collecting water which, unfortunately, do not contain any drop of safety and potability.

Another disturbing case in some countries is that they are still into repairing and keeping the old way of providing utilities to consumers when in fact, they could invest in renewable energy and improve transmission capabilities to a full extent. The thing is, progress cannot be met if the people are thirsty and dry with their very basic needs.

Despite the efforts of different sectors and non-government organizations to build a permanent solution to these problems, the numbers still grow as the population bursts. Without the mechanical engineers and some organization interventions, there will be no concrete and strong foundation in addressing the crisis.

Mechanical engineering has been a steadfast ally in fighting these dilemmas that even first-world countries encounter. From wastewater treatment, improving renewable energy systems, providing reliable water purification technology, and keeping track of what would fit best to the changing needs of human regarding power and water, this engineering field has kept its role relevant.

One organization named The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has proven that engineers can do something to elevate the caliber of responsibility they could provide. They are committed to improve the reliability of machine design in different fields specially the boiler and pressure vessels. A timeless mission which is “to promote and advance engineering to improve quality of life” fuels their sincerity for 130 years and counting.

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Today, they have over 100,000 members in different countries which are composed of a diverse set of managers, researchers, academe leaders, executives, engineering starters and students who, like ASME, are aiming to adhere to global engineering challenges. They also offer certification courses and publish standard journals to continuously raise awareness of what their initiative can do.

In this feature, the 137th president of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Said Jahanmir, Ph.D., talks about the organization’s humble beginnings until the time when they become one of the world’s mechanical engineering leaders. Armed with its present-day innovations, the organization and its core promise to continue to create construction innovations for the future.

I bet you that The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a cool story to be told. And as a bonus for this month’s release, we are to give you a peek featuring different facets of the life of an engineer—starring hard facts in the professional work environment, life hacks and useful leadership guide.

You wouldn’t also want to miss tips on crafting the most effective engineering resume while finding out and landing one of 2018’s highest paying tech jobs. Get ready as well to learn the secrets of workplace coaching and its benefits for a better and more proactive leaders inside your firm.

All of that and more from this issue. Cheers to you, engineer!


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