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Off-the-Grid Power Trends

Off-the-grid power main obstacle is the cost of installation

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It is not too late for Asia Pacific to reshape its future. They must use the World Bank Tracking SDG7: The Energy Access 2018 report as motivation to double up their efforts and find sustainable energy resources.

As mentioned in the article, the best option to take is the off-the-grid solar energy system. Actually, compared to coal and geothermal energy sources, solar energy is way cleaner. But the thing is how viable it could be that this innovation would be institutionalized in the Asia Pacific region? Considering that people living there are always on the run just to make both ends meet. Maybe some of these people may even find the off-grid solar energy as an extravagant thing!

But if these people will be educated on the gains of being connected to electricity for good, their mindset will inevitably change. They will understand that electricity is already a necessity that people must acquire.

Obstacles of Off-grid Solar Energy

  • Financing Hurdles. One of the main obstacles that may hamper the immediate implementation of off-the-grid solar energy in Asia Pacific is the cost of installation.
  • Consumer’s Trust.  Again, the main pain point of the locals is their lack of trust and confidence in this new technology.
  • Stability. Once the off-grid power system has been in place, the next challenge would be stability.

Once Asia has an excellent energy source, this will open to more opportunities- politically, economically, and personally.

People in Asia Pacific have lots of potentials should they only have access to tremendous information on the internet. I believe that the installation of the off-grid energy system in Asia Pacific will pave for a new beginning. A new boom to their economy and a new chance to prove the people’s worth. I just hope that more people will read this content and share it with people in sub-Asia Pacific. The more people that will be able to read this article, the higher the chance that they will understand the gains of the off-grid solar energy system. Who knows in 2030, Asia Pacific will become one of the super-powerful regions on earth. Well, a big thanks to the off-grid solar energy initiative!

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