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How Workflow Automation Flows in the Utilities

Have more time with automatic systems helping you in your daily routine

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Workflow Automation

Automated technology that conducts menial tasks is not only common, but also needed in multiple industries. These machines greatly help human workers with their everyday jobs by shedding low-effort duties, allowing them to focus more on the bigger tasks at hand.

These straightforward tasks consist of, but are not limited to, data collection and analysis, proper scheduling of tasks, reminders for workers, mitigation of human errors, and self-diagnosis, among others. While this is useful in all career paths, this is especially helpful for those in the power and utilities industry.

Labelled as a very complex industry, the professionals in the power and utilities industry utilize a variety of workflow automation systems to shed loads of work from one’s schedules and work hand in hand with these to create model systems.

For example, in the water industry, specifically in wastewater management, workflow automation software and systems play a pivotal role in cleaning, managing, saving, and directing water all through the cities. In Sussex, UK, the workers in the water industry have spend £300 million on Southern Water’s largest capital project and environmental improvement plan. This project was armed to the teeth in state-of-the-art water-saving technology, complete with a cleaner, more efficient ocean outflow.

Another ingenuous usage of workflow automation systems is the applied in smart inverters which have the ability to conduct self-diagnosis and report its findings remotely. These inverters have not only been programmed to be able to adapt to different situations, but also record any data that might be useful to the researcher on the other side of the monitor or feed.

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In any case, this just proves that workflow automation systems have sharpened the minds and work ethics of people.

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