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The Arabian Construction Industry Insights and Analysis

Discussing the future of the construction industry, this month’s cover story features Zahid Group.

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Introducing GineersNow: Construction Leaders.

In this issue, we have prepared special articles for our readers, especially engineers working in the construction and electric power industries. Featuring write-ups that also focus on today’s power demands, we take on a full analysis of the water and electricity crisis around the globe. From the Middle East to Africa, we explore the current trends on the power generations and power solutions for different regions around the world.

Discussing the future of the construction industry, this month’s cover story features Zahid Group. Zahid Group has been in business for over a century already, establishing a good rapport among its partners through its partnerships, joint ventures and subsidiaries. It is currently based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and offers different services and solutions for several industries, including construction, electricity and water generation, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, power, material handling, building materials, real estate development, travel and tourism, hospitality, and transportation and logistics.

So it’s that time of the month to sit back and relax. Get your monthly dose of engineering and technology news and stories with GineersNow!

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Robert Bagatsing
Managing Editor and Founder of GineersNow based in Dubai and Manila. Survived marketing at Harvard, Management at AIM and proud Bedan.


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  1. Why only Caterpillar Saudi has been featured. What about the other Cat dealers out there? Those power generators should shift to hybrid. Diesel is not a viable option anymore. How about featuring a story about hybrid gensets… that would be interesting.

  2. I have been trying to contact Zahid Group on their website but could not get through to their phone line. I am looking for a 2nd hand excavator. Do you know the contact person?

  3. I met Billy from prime mech tools during the middle east electricity. cool dude and great company. they should have opened a branch in dubai. or at least appoint a distributor. they will sell like a hot cake in uae.

  4. Dear Engineer Alesio. This is Wisam from Zahid Tractor. Please call me and i can visit your office. I am in Jeddah right now. We have office everywhere in KSA. This is my number. +966126671156

  5. Thank you for telling the story of Adeeb Albalooshi. His father is a friend of mine. The kid is very smart and talented.

  6. I am confused how zahid group can take both caterpillar dealership and Volvo at the same territory? Aren’t they direct competitors? Here in the UAE, we have separate dealership for volvo and cat

  7. @Patrick. This is Ahmad, the production manager of Arabian Vehicles (Volvo) in KSA.
    Zahid Group is only manufacturing and distributing Volvo trucks. We do not distribute Volvo heavy equipment in KSA.

  8. Thank you for writing the article about Teksan generator. I work at Teksan Egypt. The best company and best generators!!!

  9. يمكنك كتابة قصة عن شركتنا؟ نحن شركة تصنيع في قطر. نحن نقدم معدات البناء والشاحنات في قطر.

  10. Hello. My name is Faten and I am the heavy equipment parts manager at Jaidah Group.
    I like your article about safety. I will share this to my friends here in the office.
    You should check the construction in Qatar. It is very active. Can you also feature Qatar?

  11. I work in Iveco Trucks in Saudi. We are promoting safe driving here in KSA. I like the article about the myths of truck drivers. They are very true.
    Yaseer Arafath
    Head Mechanic

  12. I am working in Sohar Ports. We have the best port in GCC. This is a nice article about Sohar.
    شكرا جزيلا

    Asaad Al-Siyabi
    Project operation officer
    Sohar Industrial Port

  13. Traditionally, the construction industry has not been particularly proactive in sharing and learning from its successes and failures. The lack of knowledge capture from previous projects results in ‘reinventing the wheel’ and repeated mistakes. Thank you for sharing your magazine.
    Satish Malik
    Senior Vice President
    Engineering and Construction – Asia Pacific
    KBR, Inc.

  14. New materials and energy, design approaches, as well as advances in digital technology and big data, are creating a wave of innovation within the construction industry. Middle East is catching up on this trends.
    Paul Foster
    Construction Director /Project Manager Redco Almana /Bluu Gulf

  15. Great story about Dubai Museum of the Future.
    Since the earliest days of civilization, man has been fascinated with the concept of capturing movement. From prehistoric cave drawings based on light and shadow, to the digital age of cinema, the desire to capture, manipulate, and reproduce images and movement has been widespread. The progression of science and the art of entertainment have always run side by side, ultimately culminating with the birth of the motion picture film.

    Pierre Patau
    Museum Director
    Dubai Moving Image Museum

  16. Hybrid technology has come a long way since hybrid cars were first introduced. Similar hybrid technologies are being used for heavy equipment equipped with diesel engines.

    We are already seeing the introduction of hybrid excavators and hybrid bulldozers. The released hybrids are the first and second generations of hybrid construction equipment and offer many advantages.
    Brian Kober
    Vice President, Information, Analytics and Strategy

  17. Komatsu has already connected all robots at its main production plants worldwide through the Internet, promoting real-time access to production conditions. Komatsu is planning to install add-on controllers in machine tools and “visualize” information concerning facilities, enabling the understanding of reason for machinery downtime and thereby increase machinery utilization efficiency in order to dynamically uplift productivity.

    Scotty Fitzsimmons
    Autonomous Truck Tech

  18. The first Stetter concrete recycling plant was developed already in 1976. Since then, our plants have proved their worth all over the world as extremely economical, reliable and wear-resistant systems.
    An ever-increasing consciousness for the environment, stronger regulations issued by the authorities and, last not least, the aspect of economical efficiency makes the disposal of residual and return concrete more topical and appropriate than ever before.

    Anand Sundaresan
    Managing Director
    Schwing Stetter India Pvt Ltd

  19. Growth in the Saudi Arabian construction sector will be “slow and painful” through 2017, according to a new report from BMI Research, following a contraction in 2016. Growth is forecast at 1.9% year on year to an industry value of SAR172.01 billion (US$45.9 billion), following a contraction of 2.61% in 2016. We are maintaining our forecast for weak growth in the Saudi construction sector over for 2017, after official date was revised downwards for the industry’s growth in 2015 and 3Q16 data confirms that the industry will have fallen into recession over 2016.
    Gareth Pearson
    BMI Research (Pty) Ltd

  20. Market consolidation will continue. The second trend has to do with M&A. In recent years, the volume of mergers and acquisitions in E&C has dropped, owing to uncertainty among both buyers and sellers. Buyers are watching oil prices and infrastructure spending, hoping to “buy at the bottom.” Sellers are trying to hold on until the market rebounds. In the longer term, however, market consolidation will bounce back.

    Mike Sobolewski

  21. The Saudi Arabian construction industry will continue to expand over the forecast period (2016–2020), following investments in transport infrastructure, healthcare, manufacturing plants, education facilities, energy and housing projects. However, low oil prices present significant negative risks to the forecast.
    There are, however, risks associated with the Saudi Arabian construction industry outlook, most notably low oil prices, a slowdown in economic growth, a large budget deficit and military intervention in Yemen.
    Falling oil prices are expected to affect the growth prospects of the Saudi Arabian construction industry, as the country generates 73% of its total revenue from the oil sector.

    Benjamin Carpano
    Company Name ReportLinker

  22. The construction industry in Saudi Arabia has reached a critical juncture.
    As projects flourish around the country, this year will be a turning point for engineering, procurement and construction contractors, especially in terms of construction and maintenance in the oil and gas sector.

    Gasem Al Shaikh
    Petroleum, Chemicals and Mining Company

  23. Lower oil prices have put pressure on economic growth, liquidity, government budgets, the stock market and asset prices. This scenario has led to cuts in subsidies and reduced government spending and has also impacted the financing of real estate projects. A more selective approach can be seen, with an increased focus on critical infrastructure and affordable housing projects. On the other hand, there is reduced spending on less urgent projects, resulting in delays or scaling back of many projects.

  24. The deterioration of energy and commodities markets is in large part a consequence of the skidding economy in China, which had been a major driver of global economic activity and infrastructure projects over the past decade.

  25. The GCC is undertaking a new railway network project which will connect many GCC states by 2018. Saudi Arabia, being an important part of the project, will be involved in the construction of a rail line totaling 2,177 km. This railway construction line will cover the Gulf coast and extend from Oman to Kuwait, passing through the U.A.E, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

    Majd Asmar
    Commercial / Procurement Manager
    Almabani General Contractors

  26. Saudi Arabia attracts a massive amount of religious tourists visiting the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. This has led to key international hotel chains focusing on Mecca. Hilton plans to construct and open 14 new hotels with a total of 7000 rooms in Saudi Arabia; out of these 14 hotels, 6 will be developed in Mecca.

    Abdullah Al Jardan
    Managing Partner
    Arreem Engineering Consultant

  27. Buyers are increasingly turning to the Internet to purchase used heavy equipment. The Middle East is lagging behind the technology. This is a huge opportunity.

    Darrin Hogeboom
    Vice President, Sales

  28. Heavy Equipment users are used to renting machines. It’s a trend that started with the 2007 economic debacle and has continued, especially in the Middle East where construction projects is being challenge by the oil price.

    Mohammed Qunaibi
    Director at Saudi Diesel Equipment Co ltd

  29. One of the key things to understand about Caterpillar’s hybrid excavator is that its fuel savings come not from a single technology, but from a range of features that have been integrated together.

    Tom Bucklar
    Director of Innovation & Digital
    Caterpillar Inc.

  30. The construction industry is ripe for disruption.

    Bianca Wilton
    Employee Relations Manager
    Al Futtaim Carillion LLC

  31. Beyond smart trucks, the next evolution of IoT logistics will see the entire supply chain linked with connected things.

    Björn Andersson
    Market Director
    Saudi Arabia Volvo Trucks

  32. Saudi Arabia’s construction market has the potential to pick up in the latter half of 2017.

    Ray Tinston
    Portfolio Director
    dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa

  33. The global construction industry is among the least digitized of all industries.

    Kashiff M. Hussain
    Experience Design Director
    McKinsey & Company

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