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Engineers Have Implanted Computer Circuits in a Body Cell

These biological computational circuits holds a better future for the DNA in not just merely storing data.

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Computer Circuits Implants

Engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have devised biological computational circuits, or synthetic machines, that allow storage and response to input data. This serves as a one major step forward in building large computational systems from biological components, which will further program complex biological functions.

Source: Tumblr

MIT’s Synthetic Biology Group developed a computer within a living cell called state machine, which is an abstract mathematical model describing computation as a list of distinct internal states paired with an associated list of operations (or machine inputs) required to transition from state to state. State machines can describe a lot of things, including natural language processing algorithms to neurological systems.

By essence, DNA stores information. What the engineers did was create a framework for chemically manipulating DNA in order for the states to be encoded in DNA sequences. The states can further be used in linking cellular behaviour.

Source: MIT News

The experiment involved programmed E. coli bacteria which had to react to common biological laboratory substances like antibiotic tetracycline, a sugar called arabinose, and a chemical called DAPG; the output should be different fluorescent proteins representing different colors, which they got. They were able to produce 16 different combinations of colors out of the three inputs.

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