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10 Scholarships for Sportspeople to Apply for in 2021

Here is a summary of the most coveted sports scholarships in the world

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10 Scholarships for Sportspeople to Apply for in 2021


In the days of higр university tuition fees, sports scholarships offer an attractive path for college-aspiring students. With a combination of outstanding athletic ability and excellent academic performance, financially challenged students can get aid to achieve their educational dreams. Athletic scholarships are a means to reward students’ hard work and talent with further opportunity to shine. At its core, they aim to deliver financial assistance. But for athletes, the options also range to kickstarting their athletic careers.

That said, you also have to prepare a compelling application that reflects your academic and athletic prowess. A good place to start would be by reaching out to the admission essay experts at online essay writing service. If you are considering an athletic scholarship, ask your school coaches about the options available. They should be able to steer you to the best-suited program. Here is a summary of the most coveted sports scholarships in the world.


1.   NCAA Student Scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association provides perhaps the most desired athletic scholarship in America. The NCAA governs over 1200 schools and oversees 23 sports. The organization gives a pathway of opportunity with scholarships and grants for student-athletes who show outstanding achievement. Every year, nearly $3,5 billion is set aside for over 180,000 student-athletes.

Depending on your eligibility and the member school, you would be able to get access to these scholarship programs. These scholarships cover aspects of the cost of attendance, and in some cases, even the essential and emergency needs.

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2.   The NAIA Scholarships

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics is another governing body of college athletics in the US, but of considerably smaller size. In comparison to NCAA, the NAIA comprises only 300 schools and 13 sports, with two divisions.

The type and the amount of scholarship will depend on your school, the division the school plays in, and other eligibility requirements. However, it is easier to score a scholarship through NAIA than in the NCAA.

3.   NJCAA Scholarships

Suppose you are signing up for a community college and playing for the junior college sports team. In this case, you are eligible for financial aid from the National Junior College Athletic Association. Students can avail of full and partial scholarships or grants in one of the 525 member colleges. Out of the three divisions, Division I will get you full scholarships. In contrast, Division II can get you funding for academic fees, and books.

4.   BigSun Scholarship

Provided by BigSun Athletics, this scholarship aims to offer young athletics all help they need with their academic pursuits. Interscholastic high school students in the United States can apply for this award, regardless of the sport they play. However, unlike the other prominent athletic scholarships, here, students have to write an essay. The content should describe how their chosen sports have influenced their school and other aspects of life.

5.   The Foundation for Global Sports Development Exceptional Youth Scholarship

The GSD Scholarship for athletics provides one-time funding that covers tuition fees, accommodation, books, and other expenses at the eligible colleges and universities in the US. For increasing your chances you can get some assistance from an essay writing service in Canada.  The grant now gives out five $10,000 scholarships in place of its previous structure of ten $5000 scholarships. The program is available only for US residents. The aim is to recognize students who prove exceptional academic performance along with volunteering.

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6.   Trinity Sports Scholarship

If you have your eyes set on Ireland, then Trinity College Dublin is one of the most renowned schools to get into a sports scholarship. The college located in Dublin has financial aid for students with excellence in sports and academics. However, you can apply only if you have already scored an admission in the college. Both future as well as currently enrolled students at undergraduate and master’s levels can merit from this scholarship. The amount and the costs will vary to reflect the achievements of the candidate.

7.   University of Kent Sports Scholarship

Among the UK sports programs, the University of Kent offers one of the coveted scholarships. The grant is reserved for students who compete at a country level or equivalent. The funding is provided both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. If selected, they would be representing the university. Successful candidates will get financial support up to £5,000 that would cover the cost of equipment and travel. There are also other perks such as fitness programs, testing, advice, and guidance.

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