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5 American Universities That Use Solar Power

Among the top American solar-powered universities are Princeton, Northwestern, University of Minnesota, ASU, and UT

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Solar Power


Nowadays organizations are changing the way they operate to reduce their carbon footprint. And American universities and colleges are no different, especially the research-focused ones. These colleges are at the forefront of the battle against climate change. 

The number of universities across the US that use renewable energy is increasing. It’s a great way for them to become not only more energy-efficient but also more appealing for applicants. The reason for this is that they tend to prefer colleges that are committed to environmental sustainability.

In this article, you’ll find some American universities that use solar power to make their campuses smarter and greener.

Princeton University

Princeton University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the US. It’s dedicated to addressing the environmental challenges that the world is facing today. Apart from continuous research, the uni has its own Office of Sustainability and a Sustainability Guiding Plan.

This educational institution is known for being a part of the Ivy League and is not the place where your road to graduation will be a smooth one. Students choosing Princeton should expect lots of complex assignments. So better have some reliable essay writing service within reach for the toughest of times. Yet, the place has many perks as well, top-notch research and green outlook being among them.

As for solar power, the university uses the solar collector field that can provide the campus with enough electricity to power 7,800 laptops, even on a cloudy day! These solar panels cover nearly 6% of the university’s total electric use per year.

Northwestern University

Northwestern University is a leading research university that is committed to innovative research. At Northwestern, there is the Institute for Sustainability and Energy (ISEN). This institute’s aim is to discover sustainable solutions to the risks posed by climate change. 

In 2011, the first solar system appeared on the roof of one of the university buildings. This happened as a result of the effectively implemented students’ initiative. The solar panel produces enough electricity to power a computer lab in the building. With its help, Northwestern becomes less dependent on the power grid.

The solar panel provides students with such data as the amount of produced electricity and sunlight that the campus is receiving. Students and researchers can use this data for different statistics projects.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is a public research university that was founded in 1851. The institution is on a mission to provide world-class education and foster revolutionary research.

The university has a goal of increasing the use of renewable energy on campus. In particular, the university has installed several solar panel gardens on the rooftops of campus buildings. They provide electricity and help the uni reduce its carbon emissions. 

The use of green power helps the University of Minnesota cover around 60% of its electricity needs. The use of solar power is a part of the university’s Climate Action Plan. In the Plan, the commitment to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint by 2050 is declared.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is a public research university. It was established in 1885. According to the ranking by Sierra magazine, it is among the greenest North America’s institutions. It’s #4 on the list of more than 300 colleges. 

ASU created the first in the US School of Sustainability and is known for maintaining its high environmental standards. The university is among the solar energy leaders. It has 89 solar systems that are deployed on the territory of its four campuses.

Apart from a significant reduction of carbon emissions, such an extensive solar power use has extra benefits. For example, solar installations serve students and researchers as living labs.

University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee, Knoxville is a public research university. Its mission is to make a positive influence on people’s lives through research and service. 

It has a commitment to its sustainability goals. Thus, it encourages the production of clean energy on campus. On the university premises, there’s an electric vehicle charging station. The solar panels are placed around it. 

In 2017, the university received a green power leadership award from the US Environmental Protection Agency. This award recognizes the country’s leading green power users. In addition to solar power, the University of Tennessee has a wind turbine with an online energy dashboard, which can be used for data collection.

Wrapping Up

If you’re an environmentally conscious applicant, you should look for a sustainable college. One of the proofs that your university or college is sustainable is its usage of solar power.

Among the top American solar-powered universities are Princeton, Northwestern, University of Minnesota, ASU, and UT. These institutions use real sustainable energy practices to reduce their carbon footprint and become greener.

If you want to study and research in a sustainable environment, opt for a green university. There you’ll be able to discover how great minds come up with solutions that change this world for the better.


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