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5 Classroom Inventions that are Awesome to Watch

Sometimes, even students can create awesome innovations.

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These are 5 awesome classroom inventions that you must see.

In our modern world today, it’s difficult to not notice all the technology that’s around us. Technology is literally everywhere, it’s in your bags, pockets, wrists, and in almost every business establishment you pass by. Some may not acknowledge this, but technology has already become a part of our daily lives, and it’s hard to live without it.

Classroom Inventions (Source: NASA)

When we see a piece of tech and its makers, we would usually imagine scientists, and professional engineers working on gadgets and gizmos in their laboratories or workstations. But sometimes, students rise up to the challenge and surprise the world with awesome innovations. These young engineers and scientists, made use of what they’ve learned from the classroom to develop devices that they believe can help make life easier.

Water Purification Disc

Classroom Inventions (Source: University of Virginia)

PureMadi is a non-profit group composed of seven female students from the University of Virginia. They are developing water purifications discs to help the Venda region of Limpopo Province in South Africa for them to be able to have easy access to clean water. Their invention is a ceramic disc that is infused with silver. When it is placed in a glass of water, silver ions will release an electric charge which purifies the water.

Carbon Dioxide Filter

Classroom Inventions (Source: Austin College)

Param Jaggi a 15-year old boy from Texas who invented a bioactive carbon dioxide filter to be able to convert the exhaust from automobiles into oxygen and sugar through the process of photosynthesis

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Cavity-Fighting Chewing Gum

Classroom Inventions (Source: Josh Tycko)

A group of engineering and mathematics students from the University of Pennsylvania have created a gum named Sweet Bites Gum, which contains 20 times more xylitol—a natural sugar substitute proven to fight tooth decay—than others.

Wearable Concussion Sensor

Classroom Inventions (Source: Future Ideas and Technology)

Two engineering students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created the Jolt Sensor, a wearable device which detects in real time when athletes have been concussed. This device attaches to any athletic headgear, and vibrates when the athlete gets a dangerous impact. It instantly sends parents and coaches notifications to their smartphones so that they can immediately attend to the injured athlete.

Thermoelectric Flashlight

Classroom Inventions (Source: Technexo)

High school sophomore Ann Mokosinki from British Columbia, has invented a thermoelectric flashlight. The Hollow flashlight shines with touch using the Pelier Effect, a reaction that occurs when one side of the device is heated and the other side is cooled. Body heat has the ability to generate light for up to 20 minutes at a time. This can help students in developing countries to be able to study in the dark

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