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5 Reasons Why Research Papers Are Interesting and Will Bring You Benefits

The importance of research cannot, however, be over-emphasized

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Research Papers

The importance of research cannot, however, be over-emphasized. It is quite evident and has invariably manifested in every fabric of society. Despite this, a lot of people still frown on doing research on any topic. This set of people believe that it is time-consuming and not entirely worth it. This uniformed idea is particularly popular amongst college students who are expected to write papers, so they can add to the ever-expanding body of knowledge and show that they have in fact learned a lot, and are actually ready for the world outside. When I was in college, many undergraduates like me would ask; what will writing a research teach me? Then, they felt that it’s something that should be optional. They didn’t know that, in reality, it’s a need and not a prerequisite. In this article, we’ll be discussing five of the important benefits of writing a research paper and why it is such an interesting thing to do.

1.    Develops Remarkable Skills and Builds Public Awareness

Research helps build essential abilities and professional skills. The likes of David Brooks of New York Times magazines and the Pulitzer Prize Winner and movie critic, Roger Ebert, wouldn’t have achieved so much success in their fields if they hadn’t been conducting in-depth studies whenever they had to pitch stories.

Over time, it also helps you develop relevant skills that employers seek, that, at the end of the day, you’ll able to become the best in any field you choose.

Aside from this, it also creates public awareness of certain issues. It sheds light on issues and makes us understand or realize what we can do to resolve fluid problems in our society.

2.   Expansion of the Current Body of Knowledge

Knowledge has to do with establishing facts and revealing objective and insightful findings on problems and situations. It involves reading widely (online and offline), books, articles, essays and papers written by other researchers; asking people questions; interviewing experts; watching documentaries and conducting extensive surveys and scientific experimentations.

There’s always a joy that comes with discovery. Discovery originates from the fact that you’re willing to do an in-depth investigation. And, it requires you digging really deep to drag out important information that can be extremely useful to you and humanity.

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In 1983, two brilliant scientists, Robert Gallon (US) and Luc Montagnier (France), conducted investigations that led to the discovery of the HIV virus. These scientists laid the foundation which has since resulted in the formation of the HIV test which can be used to check for the presence of the virus in the blood (and determine whether someone is HIV positive or negative). It has also resulted in the establishment of safety measures and creation of antiretroviral drugs that can be used for treating the virus.

3.   Exposing Lies and Verifying Facts

Have you ever had the feeling that a theory or proposition is false or not entirely true, even if it is generally accepted by people? That’s how the great Italian astronomer, Galileo Galilei, must have felt during his lifetime. He supported the Copernican system and refuted the teachings of the Catholic Church of that time, which claimed that the earth is the center of the solar system.

Sadly, not every researcher provides adequate or quality solutions to the problems they decide to tackle. Sometimes, factors such as religion, suppression of the state (as in the case of Galileo), and limited access to necessary resources also contribute to this. Fake news is now on the rise, especially on social media. This is because many journalists fail to conduct an extensive investigation on topics.

That’s why sometimes when I feel can’t write an authentic and reliable research paper, I hire expert writers online and pay them to write research paper for me. Careful study is essential in testing the rationality and quality of claims and scientific theories.

4.   Opens up Business and Career Opportunities

Research opens up various opportunities and allows you to achieve your goals. This might come with you securing a good job, or earning scholarships, project funding, fellowships, grants, business partnerships, and so on.

Nowadays, it is also necessary for job-hunting. This will not only inform you of the available vacancies but also allow you to know the authenticity of the work opportunities you get and avoid human trafficking and other illegal recruitments. Someone interested in business must be able to do thorough investigations so as to secure business deals and come across potential investors.

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Long essays, for example, can also help students to explore different career directions and make important life decisions.

5.   Advancement of The Society

Research has helped us greatly to make the world a better place to live in. With the way the world is constantly evolving, we need to do enough of it constantly so to meet the pace at which the society is growing and developing.

Without scientific inquiries, we might not have been able to find solutions for many deadly diseases. Without exploration, we might still continue to believe that the earth is flat, or as the people of Galileo’s lifetime, that the earth is the center of the solar system.

Society continues to develop because of people’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. We have been able to develop measures of making life much easier for us as humans. If we do not conduct research, we would be ignorant of many things and be so backward. But if we continue to write papers, the world will continue to develop, and at a breathtaking pace.


We’ve been able to look at 5 of the important benefits of writing papers. These are all extremely interesting reasons. And aside from these, the fact that you’re doing it for the greater good of the general public is reason enough, if you ask me. Society needs us to constantly explore it in order for it to invariably develop, and that’s what we must always do.

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