7 Daily Activities To Sharpen An Engineer’s Mind

7 daily activities to help sharpen every engineer’s problem solving mind in 10 minutes

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What can you do to help sharpen your mind in 10 minutes? Well, 10 minutes might seem very short, but it’s actually a lot of time, especially if you consider doing something for 10 minutes for all 365 days in a year. So in that amount of time, here are 7 things you can do to help sharpen your mind, especially as an engineer who constantly needs to stay sharp and alert to solve complex problems.

1)      Read

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Reading helps shape our beliefs, thoughts, philosophies, and perspectives. It helps us think outside the box and out of the direct influence of our friends and family. It gives us knowledge and insights that we might not have known otherwise. Just simply read anything you find interesting online. Our website, GineersNow is an awesome source for reading interesting engineering stories.

2)      Write

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Even if you’re not a writer, it’s a great thing to do in your free time. It doesn’t have to be top tier fiction stories, just simple blog posts about your life and your beliefs. It helps you share your ideas, write down what you learned, express what we know and feel, and provides us something to look back upon to show how much we’ve grown over time.

3)      Question yourself

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This might be hard to do, but we all have to learn to question our own ideas, perspectives, and ideas. Growth doesn’t happen naturally, and you have to initiate it yourself by thinking “maybe what I believe in isn’t the truth”. Close-minded people can’t handle criticism, hence they never learn and they never grow. Being open-minded to everything is the key to improving yourself and growing to become a better person.

4)      Take a cold shower

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While the thought of having a cold shower might be repulsive to most of us (unless you live in hot tropical areas in which the only shower you take is a cold shower), it actually has some health benefits. Cold showers help speed up physical recovery, improve cognitive performance, and reduces depression and anxiety.

5)      Keep track of things

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Keep track of everything you’re working on: from what episode you stopped watching your favorite series, to all the tasks and projects you need to finish for school or work. It not only helps you be organized, but also shows how effective you are at doing things, and gives you a sense of control over your life.

6)      Be useful to someone

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Everyone should do this. Making the world a better place doesn’t always have to equate to huge changes and projects, sometimes, it’s the little things. Treat your partner or a family member. Help a friend organize their taxes. Answer questions from ask blogs like Quora, Reddit, or Yahoo. There are small things you can do every day to make the world a better place.

7)      Move

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10 minutes of exercise and movement is never enough, but it’s better than none at all. Sprint. Jog in your local park. Anything that’ll make you feel the adrenaline and get your body moving is good for your health.

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