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The Best & the Worst Professors in Engineering School

It’s a matter of how they treat engineering students.

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Engineering School


In engineering school, one can encounter different types of teachers or instructors just like your scientific calculators.

There are the easy going ones, the strict and unforgiving, the fairly okay, and the father or mother figure, among others.

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Among these professors, some deserve the love and admiration of their students. Others, they get the despise and condemnation.

It’s a matter of how they treat engineering students that they have those emotions towards the molders of future engineers.

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But it’s really a complicated relationship that engineering students have with their professors.

If the teachers have be categorized into the best and the worst ones, this is how it will go:

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The Best Professors

The Storyteller

It’s hard to understand engineering when the ones teaching the subjects are robots.

By robots, I mean they do not put human quality into their teaching and get too stiff with the lessons.

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This is why the storyteller engineering professors are the ones to appreciate the most in engineering school.

The way they engage the students is a rare gem in college.

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If you have a storyteller inside the four corners of the classroom, you are guaranteed to learn engineering.

Well, that is if the stories your professor tells are about your lessons.

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Most Friendly

Professors who are easy to get along with make it easier for the students to understand the lessons no matter how hard they are. That’s because the students make it to a point that they don’t disappoint their ‘friend’.

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Hanging out in a bar or in a party? This professor is there. But he makes sure that the friendship doesn’t hinder the participation and respect of his students inside the classroom. They are the cool ones, so to speak.

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Father/Mother Figure

It pays to have parents in engineering school when the going gets tough because they are the ones who will understand the struggles the most being in engineering.

When you have a father or mother figure in college, who is usually in his or her retirement age, the wisdom he or she has is golden.

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These teachers are the ones who will prepare you the most in the future as engineers as the lessons they give outside of the course are eternally valuable.


The Worst Professors

Always Missing in Action

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Where did your professor go? In an international conference, perhaps? Maybe in a vacation?

He or she does that and leaves the class with homework to do. The professor doesn’t do the teaching at all.

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This type of professor is compromising the engineering education you deserve.

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You enrolled in engineering school for firsthand knowledge about the course, yet this happens.

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Bedtime Story Reader

In his or her class, boredom kills. Nobody is interested to listen due to the unmodulated voice of the person in front, to pair to the too technical lessons.

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It doesn’t help that the professor gives no effort in making the lesson interesting.

So everyone sleeps instead. And the teacher doesn’t care. By the end of the semester, you all lose.

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Best in PowerPoint and Handouts

It is this teacher that gets you drowned with a lot of handouts and PowerPoint slides lessons, especially when it’s an all-theory and no-problem solving class.

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But here’s the truth: nobody has the time to read into the all those details. The teacher fails to equip the students with key information about the topic.

Most likely, this type of professor also gives a lot of excessive paperwork requirements.

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The Best and the Worst Professor

Perhaps you were looking for another engineering professor not included in the two: the terror one.

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That’s because he or she gives the best of both worlds, making him or her the best and the worst professor in engineering school.

Being strict and imposing discipline are the trademarks of this professor.

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But why does this trait make him a good teacher when it appears to be unforgiving to the students?

One thing: because these are ethics necessary for engineers at work, and they should be taught among the students.

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Engr. Alicia White
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