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Why Engineering Freshmen Can’t Brag Just Yet

The upperclassmen can easily concur to this: the best kind of engineering freshman is one who is keeping it cool.

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Engineering Freshmen


It will take a student a minimum of three years to finish an entire engineering degree, six years at most.

Considering that you only have one semester of engineering college experience, the engineering freshmen do not have the bragging rights just yet about being an engineer student.

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Just like the respect of being in the upper class, the right to be proud of being an engineering student is earned. One has to go over the strenuous process of learning maths and physics and actually survive them.

One has to face the terror professors and live with them for at least a semester. One has to suffer, basically. It will take more than just a few math subjects for the freshman to earn that badge.

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Because it irritates me that those who complain and boast so much about the difficulties in engineering are the young ones, when they haven’t experienced the real engineering wrath at all, I have this to say: keep calm and wait until you are in your penultimate or final year.

If you complain, moreover boast, of your engineering experience as early as your first week in the college of engineering, the odds are that you are one of those who will leave, drop out, or not even reach halfway the course.

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No, you are not.

The upperclassmen can easily concur to this: the best kind of engineering freshman is one who is keeping it cool. One who waits and observes in the college without having to intimidate those in the higher years. One who has the potential to finish his or her engineering degree.

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This is part of the politics and relationships among engineering students so this is sort of a big deal among the upperclassmen.

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The pride of becoming an engineering student is so worthy that it should never go to the hands, or the Facebook wall, of the unworthy.

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1 share, 117 points
Engr. Amber Rose Watson
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