Your Engineering Professor May Be Your Greatest Enemy

It’s a truth universally known that for every engineering student, there’s always a terror professor who will make one’s life a living hell.

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It’s a truth universally known that for every student, there’s always a terror professor who will make one’s life a living hell. If you’re just a freshman in engineering, you’re bound to meet one. If you’re already an upperclassman struggling in school, you know how stressful it is to attend that terror professor’s class. In some cases, these professors end up as our greatest enemies in engineering school.

These professors often treat us like we’re not humans, often leaving us with countless requirements. They treat the subjects that they teach as the only class ever worth learning despite the other major subjects we’re taking in the semester. How hard it is for every engineering student to spend majority of one’s time studying for a subject with a terror professor constantly challenging our mental capabilities.

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They are heartless and unforgiving. For every exam we take from these professors, we often come out questioning our decision to pursue engineering. Despite studying for their subjects all week long, we never seem to get any of the questions they as right. Their questions leave us doubting ourselves, which is the worst thing that could happen to a student. With the fear of not passing these classes from our terror professors, some end up quitting and giving up on the idea that they’ll be engineers.

That’s the sad part about having terror professors. They constantly push us to our limits. From countless requirements to exam questions that nobody in class can answer, these terror professors  surely know how to drive you crazy… and we just hate them for it.

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But come to think of it, are they really our enemies? We often look at the bad side of everything that they do but have we ever thought of all the good things it did to us.

When they require so many things from us, we learn how to be resourceful.

When their subjects demand so many hours of studying for preparation, we learn to manage our time properly.

When they call us to recite in class, they teach us to have confidence in front of our peers.

When they fail us in our papers and exams, they teach us humility, the importance of accepting rejection and that we can always do better.

When these professors give us a hard time in class, they serve as motivation to never give up on our dreams of becoming engineers.

So, now, think about it again. Are these engineering professors really our greatest enemies in school?

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