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Engineering Student Problems: I Have a Conceited Teacher Who Talks About Himself a Lot

He chooses to talk more about what he did on his vacation rather than discuss thermodynamics. Do you have this kind of teacher?

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In any engineering college, there is that one instructor that sets himself apart from the rest of the faculty for his distinct style of teaching: he tells episodes and adventures of his life that is entirely irrelevant to the course.

Every time he gets a chance to share a piece of his autobiography, which is basically every time, he grabs it and lets the lesson slide for the day. Eventually, it becomes a habit. The class ends up going through the semester learning what the instructor did over his international trip and the last time he got laid, without discussing what should be discussed: engineering. Damn it, right?

But what is there to do? How should engineering students deal with this? There are three ways: confront that professor, report it to your university, or let it pass.

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The first solution takes a lot of balls to do. Having to tell someone of authority to say that he’s doing something wrong never passes through the mind of the weak. But if you really think that it deprives you of the engineering education you deserve, then go for it. Walk the situation through with your professor and explain that there’s more to his class than his life experiences.

Or you can tell the Dean’s office about the situation so it can act upon that classroom behavior. Also, if there is teacher’s evaluation, you could write the human resource department about that particular teacher.

The last solution is rather the passive one – where you are powerless and just go with the flow. Sometimes this habit of your teacher can be forgiven, especially when his tales entertain the class and give valuable life lessons that the students can appreciate. Almost always that may not be the case, but if you can’t stand up against that style, it’s best to adapt and deal with it.

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But how about the engineering lessons left untouched? Well, you are going to deal with them yourself. That’s the problem of this approach: you are not learning how to become an engineer.

This kind of instructor excites those who want to dumb down the engineering education the students deserve, and disappoints those who want to learn engineering. You can only tell which one you are between the two.

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