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Engineering Students – How to Stay Focused During the Exam Session

Use these tips so that you can focus properly while you’re studying and taking your exams.

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Engineering Students


Engineering is one of those domains that many parents want for their children. They want to see their kids be successful and earn a lot of money. Perhaps you have family members who encourage you to pick up engineering as well, telling you sweet words about how you’ll instantly find a job after college and so on.

The truth of the matter is that studying engineering is not that easy. You’ll have to go through long studying sessions, work on many projects, and pass multiple exams. With so much stress caused by the chaotic schedule and workload, focusing on your exam session might become a struggle. Luckily, there is a solution to this situation. You can do a few things to stay focused during the exam session as an engineering student. Let’s take a look at the options.

1.    Say no now and then

The temptation to drop all your class materials and notebooks is real. All you want is to respond to your friend’s pressure and join him at the bar, restaurant or cinema. But this does nothing but distract you from the thing you should prioritize: the exam session.

There’s nothing wrong with saying no to your friend sometimes. The exam session will not last forever – it’s just a period during which you have to focus more on studying. Once it’s over, you’ll have more time to go out with your friends. Don’t feel bad for refusing to go out for a while. Saying no at the right time will pay off when the results of your intense studying appear.

2.    Get rid of all distractions

When you study engineering and deal with some difficult stuff, it’s easy to get distracted. You get a text from your friend, get a Facebook notification, or start counting the objects in your room – everything else becomes more interesting than studying. However, you can’t play around with engineering – you must make sure you use your time wisely and memorize as much information as possible. The earlier you study, the more time you give yourself to understand information confusing for you.

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So, your phone should be out of your sight, preferably in a different room, so you’re not tempted to check it all the time. Also, make sure it’s on silent mode in case you’re bombarded with notifications or messages. On top of that, keep anything else that might distract you out of sight.

3.    Find a good spot for revision

Engineering is challenging enough, and you need to revise a lot. So, to focus better on it during the exam session, you may want to find a revision spot. It should be comfortable and silent. Your family or friends should know about the revision spot so that they don’t disturb you when you’re there.

Furthermore, make sure you pick a place where you have the right temperature and enough lighting. It would help if you had a large desk so you could spread all of your materials and work as effectively as possible to memorize relevant information.

4.    Set up a schedule

If you have a good schedule, then staying focused on your exam session will be much easier. Before the exams begin, write down a plan of your schedule. It should include the time you wake up, the time you go to bed, when you’re going to have your meals, and when you’re going to study. Doing this and following the schedule will help you focus on one task at a time, whereas having no schedule would only make you lose focus and feel like you’re out of time with everything.

You can allow some flexibility too, but if you establish a schedule, this routine will help you stick to your studying and, in the end, memorize all the information you need.

5.    Get enough rest

You cannot study properly when you’re tired, and you certainly cannot focus and take an exam if you don’t sleep. You’ll constantly feel irritated, anxious, and your mind will be unable to store information or remember anything properly. Therefore, especially during the exam session, you need to make sure you get enough sleep. If you follow the previous point and set up a schedule, you’ll be able to decide the interval when you should be sleeping and get enough hours of rest as a result.

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A good night’s sleep will make you more alert and help your brain store information and recall it. It will also help you recharge after a long day of studying and preparing for exams.

6.    Move around

Gluing yourself to your desk the whole day is not the way to go. Sure, you want to spend as much time as you can studying, and not waste any second. But you need to keep your blood flowing too, so it’s best to stand up and move around a little bit. It’ll help your body and brain relax for a bit before studying again. It will relieve any discomfort you may be feeling after hours of sitting on a chair.

You can also try some CBD softgels with curcumin if you feel any pain for better relief. You’ll be able to focus much easier without discomfort.

7.    Allow yourself some downtime

You’re only human, and you need some downtime to rest and relax. Otherwise, you might end up feeling depressed and unable to focus on your engineering exams.

So, if you just had an exam, don’t go back to studying right away. Spend one or two hours doing something else first, especially if you have another exam the next day. You’ll detach yourself from the stress for a bit and focus better when you go back to studying.

Final thoughts

The exam session can be challenging, especially for an engineering student. Thus, use these tips so that you can focus properly while you’re studying and taking your exams.

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