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Why Engineering Students Should Not Study in Bed

Study somewhere else!

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There are many places wherein engineering students can study outside of home: in libraries, classrooms, parks, and coffee shops because they are conducive for studying with focus. But more often than not, they are only available during office hours or until at night as late.

So what happens to engineering students who have to burn their midnight candles to study for an exam or do their academic requirements? They go home and find themselves in their beds, reading or solving problems.

I did that when I was an engineering student. Going out often because I did not have a study area in my dorm, I always ended up studying in sitting position, sometimes even lying down, in my bed.

While it seemed like it worked as I was able to graduate on time, I figured just now that there might have been a better study place for me as long as it is not in my bed.

Why? Here are reasons:

Studying in bed gives you lots of room for distraction

Especially when you also use your gadgets like cellphones and laptop in bed, it is extremely difficult to finish solving one problem straight away. You are bound to update your status or scroll mindlessly when you know you have internet access nearby.

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Studying in bed makes you sleepy

Beds are primarily for rest and relax, not for studying. When I did study in bed back in college, this was my problem: it was hard to focus when I know I was just body movement away from sleeping. One minute I was holding my calculator, the next I am already catching z’s. The temptation to sleep is real when you choose this study habit.

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Studying in bed affects your posture

Not only does it give you distraction and make you sleepy, studying in bed has an impact in your health: through your studying position. When you do not have a table with you on your bed as you study, you are bound to slouch which can be bad for your back and to bend your neck which affects your posture. You will be a lot more comfortable with a chair and a desk.

So what should you do about this? What is your option?

Here is one: Find yourself a comfortable, supportive chair that will make you sit up straight and a suitable desk with just the right height. This is worth the investment, really.

If you still cannot do away with studying in bed because you do not have enough space for a chair and a desk, at least build a mental wall which separates studying from using your gadgets and sleeping. Also, improve your position by finding a wall to lean on while studying on a bed table. Do not lie down.

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