What Are Engineering Students Scared Of The Most?

Take some wild guesses, and check if you agree with our list.

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Every human being has their own fears. They may be superficial or maybe in depth fears. Whether it’s the former or latter, in one point of our lives we will have to face them and hopefully conquer them.

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What about engineering students? What are their wildest fears as students trying to survive in engineering school? Take some wild guesses and check if you agree with our list.

When Grades or Final Exam Scores Are Given

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This is the first on the list of course. It’s that heart-stopping moment when you get the results of your exam that you hope you at least pass. At that time, everything moves in slow-mo as your professor hands you your papers and you take a breath as you flip the paper to slowly reveal your score that could make or break your grades this semester.

That Terror Professor that Failed Some Upperclassmen Friends.

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Having upperclassmen as friends can be a good thing. They share you some of their notes on a subject they finished last semester, and give you some tricks about how to deal with certain professors. But beware of that one terror professor they warn you about. It’s that professor that no one can ever please. That one professor who only passes 25% of the class. That one professor who never curves grades. You could only pray that he/she isn’t going to be your professor for that certain class. (Plot twist: He/she is the only professor that teaches that subject in the whole university.)

Missing Calculator

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No engineering student would want this especially during exams. It’s more important than bringing a pen and paper to class. I mean, you could borrow a pen and ask for some paper from anyone, but no one would lend you their calculator in engineering school during exams. You can mess with an engineering student’s books, notes, and whatever, just don’t mess with their calculators.

Project That Won’t Work On Its Presentation

This is scary alright. All engineering students know how much effort, sleepless nights and brain cells they’ve spent on any engineering project. That’s why once they’ve made sure it works, they would protect it like a holy grail until the day of the presentation. Unfortunately, there are projects that sometimes backfire on you on presentation day no matter how much you protect it. Sighs, the horror!

Repeating a Subject

No one wants to fail a subject and repeat it. Especially if it’s taught by a professor whose teaching method doesn’t match your learning style. Every class will be like a horror movie, and every quiz and exam will be like hell.

Postponed Graduation

This could be the scariest thing an engineering student may experience (but I hope not *knocks on wood*) It’s not just the scariest, but it could be the most painful as well. After a grueling 4 years (other universities have it at 5), you fail in one or a few subjects and need to extend the semester and will have to graduate a bit later than your usual batchmates.

These are just some of an engineering student’s fears while in engineering school. No one wants these to happen to them, but if one or a few of them do happen to you– don’t give up and continue fighting in engineering school. I promise, finishing it is worth it and it will always be.


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