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Engineers, Here’s Why Giving Up is Out of The Question

5 reasons why engineers and engineering students shouldn’t give up

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We all have our low points, and with the difficulties you have to go through as an engineer, in the academe or at work, it seems that we have it worse than others do. It’s during these times where we think that it’s time to just give up and let go–maybe engineering just wasn’t meant for us. But one should not give up so easily, because life isn’t as easy as study, work, and then success. In fact, giving up too soon might even let you miss out on success. You’ll never see how far you’ve gone until you hang in there for a little longer. Here are 5 reasons why giving up shouldn’t be an option.

1)      It takes many iterations for success

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Do you remember how the first airplane was built? Then you should know it took Orvile and Wilbur Wright many, many iterations of the machine, and years and years of testing, trying and remaking, before they made the first “flying machine”.

They never called each iteration a failure. Instead, they thought of it as a way to improve, because each test gave them new information on things they can improve on for the next model.

And you should think of your life that way as well.

2)      There is no such thing as instant success

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We’ve all seen in papers, magazines, and on the internet of overnight success and rise to fame, but what you don’t know is that before that “instant success”, they had to work for years and years of struggles before they made their big break.

Success is a long, confusing road full of sharp turns, but once success hits, we tend to make it look so easy and forget all the obstacles we had to go through. There is no such thing as instant success. Life isn’t that easy, and sometimes you have to power through it.

3)      You might not have found the right approach yet

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Did you know that Isaac Newton was once a farmer? He failed miserably at being one, yet now, he is one of the greatest figures of science and mathematics. He wasn’t good at farming, but he was a genius at science.

Maybe that’s what you’re missing. Maybe you just haven’t find the right way to study. Maybe you might be in the wrong field of engineering. Maybe you aren’t in the right job. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try new things; It might just end up being your niche.

4)      The best things come at a price

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We all love staying in our little comfort zone. We like being in some place familiar, where we know how everything works. Yet, you will never know what lies ahead of you if you leave that comfort zone. To reach success, you have to go through scary and unfamiliar waters. It’s overwhelming, yes. But would you rather sit there and do nothing and end up regretting not taking the risk after a few years? I’m sure you don’t. Now take that risk, and charge head first.

5)      You might inspire others

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Lastly, think of all the others you might inspire. Think of the other people in your life who also want to give up. Think of how much you’ll inspire them if you try to carry on and do it, to show them that they can charge through it too. Not only will getting over life’s struggles give you the success you’ve always dreamed of; It’ll also inspire others to do the same.

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