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Everything I Have to Thank My Parents For in Realizing my Dream to be an Engineer

They have been instrumental in fulfilling what I discovered as my purpose in this world: that is to serve and work as an engineer.

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If there are only two people whom I owe how my life is going now, that would be my parents. Not only because my mom and my dad have brought me up the best way they could, but because they have been instrumental in fulfilling what I discovered as my purpose in this world: that is to serve and work as an engineer.

Along my journey as an engineering student, my mom and my dad have always been there. Maybe not physically but emotionally and financially. From my first college enrollment to the day I marched on stage to get my diploma, I did not feel that I was alone in my quest to become an engineer. There are only two people I could run to without hesitation whenever I am defeated.

This is why I have a lot of things to thank my parents for in realizing my dream to be an engineer. In the list below are only a few:

One: for allowing me to decide on my career. I know that this isn’t in any of your plans for me but you trusted me enough to tread my own path. That confidence you gave me provided an early boost and made me think that I am really destined to be an engineer even from the start.

Two: for reminding me that engineering will not be easy. At times that I find my subjects to be difficult in my early engineering days, you keep on telling me that all will be worth it in the end. That all of this are part of the process. That without struggles, I will not be the best engineer I can be.

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Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Three: for providing me all my needs in college. I am so fortunate that I was able to get all the things – a calculator, books, and other requirements – without me having to work hard for it. Because you did all the hardwork. You provided for me despite our family’s difficult financial sources.

Four: for not giving up on me. When I have given up on myself, you were there to lift me up and bravely say that the work that needs to be done won’t be finished if I keep on breaking down. You were there to advise that only losers give up.  That I should be tough in engineering school.

Five: for telling me that it is okay to fail. Coming from you, I was no longer afraid of failing. I became more focused on learning regardless if I pass or fail the subject. It was the support that I really needed at a crucial period because I almost flunked three subjects in one certain semester. But I fought for it for you, thanks to this advice. I passed them all.

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Six: for spoiling me at times. I don’t know if they are rewards for maintaining my passing grades but I’m grateful for buying me stuff I regard as a want, not a need. You brought me up not being spoiled but I really appreciate this.

Seven: for being strict with me about some matters. I know that you’re concerned about my safety which is why I get a lot of calls at the middle of the night when you know I am outside. Thank you for that. Even when I do not follow your rules all the time, you do not cease to tell me that I should go home as early as possible and get the right amount of sleep.

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Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy

Eight: for teaching me how to be good and kind. Rarely do people tell me this and you are there to remind me to always be the better person. To be the best version of myself everyday. It helps because it spreads to other people when I do something good.

Nine: for welcoming me every time I go home. Because I chose to study in a prestigious university away from home, we only enjoy the luxury of being together when I go home over the weekend, at least once or twice in a month. And you make it worthwhile every time. This is the part where your presence enhances my will to do my best in my studies.

Ten: for being the best mom and dad in the world. I will not trade you both for anyone else as my parents.

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