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People Fall in Love with 3 Kinds of Engineers

Find out which engineer is your soulmate

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Fall in love


Set aside your calculators and tool box for a moment… Let’s talk about your love life.

It is said that people experience three kinds of love in their lives.

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The first is a puppy love, the one that seems to come right out of a fairy tale book.

The second is the hard love that teaches people who they really are when it comes to the person they care about.

The third is the everlasting love, the one that people never see coming but feels right nonetheless.

However, to fall in love is an exciting adventure on its own, it is not something an engineer has time for.

After all, with most of them being introverts and borderline workaholics by nature, expect them to put in longer hours in the fields and offices.

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Add this to the fact that not all engineering firms and companies have the same number of males and females wandering about, ultimately lowering the chances of finding the perfect mate in the workplace.

But although falling in love is not on the priority list of engineers, it is not statistically impossible for them to do so.

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When push comes to shove, engineers will likely fall in love with these three kinds of people at least once in their lives.

1. The Quick-Witted Engineer

It is no surprise that most engineers, being clever and brainy themselves, get attracted to a person’s mind first before anything else.

They will often fall for people who love talking about sensible things, such as the latest trend in the technology industry, the impact of sending people to the moon, and the development of cutting-edge artificial lenses for eyesight restoration.

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Basically anything that falls under the geeky category is surely to pique the interest of any engineer within the three-meter radius.

All kinds of engineers also develop attraction to people who are genuinely curious. They like answering questions about what they do at work and telling people about random engineering facts that the general public don’t know about.

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So if you’re someone who would love to know that Wi-Fi isn’t actually short for “Wireless Fidelity” or that the dimples on golf balls are designed as such to help reduce drag, then you are certainly on the list of people that engineers will potentially fall for.

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People who can speak various languages, including programming languages, are also likely to get an engineer hooked.

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Since most of these geeky professionals get used to talking in acronyms and jargons, they typically prefer someone who can understand them and their work on the fly.

It also will not get confusing once they begin talking about Ruby and Perl (the programming languages, not the precious stones).

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2. The Logical and Organized Engineer

Being logical comes natural to engineers as they often spend most of their days planning the best way to run a system and debugging a computer code that is mainly based on logic.

Or sorting out building materials for their next construction project.

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That is why they typically get attracted to someone who is as organized and logical as them, someone who is good at handling stress and resolving conflicts in a calm and logical manner.

When engineers run into a problem either at work or in their personal lives, they tend not to let their emotions get the best of them, allowing them to think rationally and make logical decisions.

People who solve their problems logically, as well, are bound to capture the heart of engineers.

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On top of this, engineers also value someone who is organized and appreciates the beauty of systematic planning.

Since these hardworking professionals are usually assigned at tasks that make their company tick, they also lean toward people who keep an organized desk, an organized work plan, and most importantly, an organized life.

Engineers will fall for someone who can easily plan a good holiday without their help and file their taxes for them with little to no help at all.

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Someone who also keeps a back-up plan and prepares for the worst case scenarios is also a keeper for an engineer.

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Additionally, engineers find people attractive when they have with a keen eye for detail and prefer to do research first before making big purchases. This only means that those people follow a strict budget and are not likely to splurge on unnecessary stuff.

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3. The Hard-To-Get but Has a Sense of Humor Engineer

Engineers love a good challenge, whether it is about solving a Pentamix (which many consider as the hardest Rubik’s cube to solve) or improving the health care systems of countries worldwide.

In fact, as a popular quote from comic strip creator Scott Adams goes, “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.”

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This is why these professionals are never turned off by people who are harder to get. As a matter of fact, they tend to take things slow when it comes to romantic relationships, just so they can learn more about the person.

After all, it is natural for engineers to crave for something new to learn about.

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They also don’t back out of any challenges and have an instinctual need to be challenged all the time! And instead of giving up on a person, they create new ways of getting closer to someone, such as reinventing old jokes, creating playful catchphrases, and sharing funny memes.

So more often than not, engineers will fall for people with a good sense of humor, whose funny bones they can easily tickle.

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Fall in love with your engineer soulmate

Civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, chemical, industrial, software and other engineering students/professionals will bump into these three engineers in their lifetime.

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The big question is… how do you prolong your relationship with an engineer? Remember that in any relationship, there is no such thing as compatibility… only a lifetime of adjustment to make it work.

To fall in love is something that is otherworldly for engineers who often think with their minds and not with their hearts.

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But while most of these professionals do think logically and follow a strict plan, they still make for the best partner romantically.

You see, their thoughts are not only channeled to math and science, as they can also be especially thoughtful when it comes to their personal relationships with people they love.

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Although there might be more cons than pros when dating an engineer, dating one can actually prove to be a wonderful experience.

They might not be the perfect partner, but rest assured that an engineer will love you like no other.

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