Filipina Rejected From UK Grammar School Turns Out To Have An IQ Higher Than Einstein’s

Here’s a source of inspiration for those who weren’t able to get into their dream school. Never lose hope and give up!

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Mia Golosino, an 11-year old Filipina school girl residing in the UK, was denied acceptance from the grammar school of her dreams despite having an IQ higher than world-renowned theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.

Golosino had been eager to join the Aylesbury High grammar school. In fact, it was her first choice of schools she wished to be a part of. She had to sit in an 11-plus exam privately as part of the preparation.

Unfortunately, she was denied a place in the school, with Aylesbury High stating that “over-subscription” as their reason.

In an effort to appeal the decision, Golosino’s parents let her take the British Mensa IQ test in hopes they would accept her once they find out about her intelligence. Little did they know that once the result came back, they would be blown away by their own daughter’s IQ score, which was 162.

Source: British Mensa

This means that Golosino has an IQ higher than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, who were believed to have an IQ score of 140 and 160, respectively.

“We had completely forgotten about the test until we got the results. We couldn’t believe it when we found out. We were absolutely stunned,” said Mary Golosino, Mia’s mother and full-time housewife.

Jose Golosino, Mia’s father, was just as amazed at her daughter having the highest possible IQ score, making her belong to the top 1% of the world with the highest IQ scores.

“We were amazed to find she scored the highest possible mark of 162 – more than Albert Einstein!” he said. “This puts her in the top one per cent of the population with high IQ.”

The Golosino family had migrated to the UK 10 years ago and had been living in the town of Wolverton, Milton Keynes ever since.

Mia’s not just all smarts, she’s also a ballet dancer and a swimmer. Her dream is to become a judicial court judge when she grows up.

Source: GSS Architecture

Despite being rejected by Aylesbury High grammar school, the Royal Latin School in Buckingham had sent her an invitation to join the school, an offer which she gladly accepted.

Her parents said that they wanted to share their daughter’s story as a source of inspiration for those who weren’t able to get into their dream school to never lose hope and give up. “We thought it might inspire other families whose kids did not get into their preferred school,” said Mr. Golosino.

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