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Finish Your Engineering Degree No Matter How Long It Takes

To start on engineering is one thing, to finish it is another.

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To start on engineering is one thing, to finish it is another. To acquire an engineering degree requires persistence and sacrifice.

Being an engineering student doesn’t give you an automatic right that you are already an engineer, but on the process of being a full-fledged engineer. Sure, you can complain how hard the subjects are and brag about the passing marks that you get through them. But you will need to finish first your studies and earn that college diploma and become the engineer you want to be.

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But this isn’t as easy as it may sound. Getting that engineering diploma isn’t served in a silver platter. The engineering subjects in your field are not always a slice of cake. There will be lots of failures along the way where your faith and perseverance will be tested – that will ultimately give you an edge if you convert those failures as pillars to success.

You failed an important course that has caused you a year of delay in your engineering study? Take that course again and prove that you can survive it the second time. Perhaps even third, if in the second time you failed again.

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The key to survive engineering is to keep going and never stop dreaming. Mind the failures but look at them as opportunities to become better. All engineers, the best ones in the field, have failed miserably at one point. What did they do? They did not stop just because they failed.

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I do not undermine those who became successful engineers without ever having to finish their studies. But today, if you really want to get ahead, an accomplished engineering degree will yield a better employment result. Your chances to get that dream job are higher than those who persevered off college.

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“It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.” Confucius could not have said it better. Do not think about being the older one in the classroom or being the last one to become the engineering professional in your freshmen batch. Finish your degree at your own pace. The ultimate goal is to finish your engineering degree, no matter how long it takes.

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