Five Chemical Engineering Professors You Will Deal With In College

There are so many kinds out there, but, here are a few that will stick with me, maybe till death.

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Chemical Engineering Professors



Hello to all the Engineers out there! My name is Afsana, age is 22 years old and currently a Chemical Engineering student at the American University Of Sharjah. Today, I am going to list the kinds of chemical engineering professors to deal with. Well, there are so many kinds out there, but, here are a few that will stick with me, maybe till death.

The ‘I-Know-it-All’ One.

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These Professors have traits very similar to Sheldon Cooper from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Like him, these Professors are extremely intelligent, proud, can get arrogant at times and gives ruthless exam papers to their students.

If we think about it in terms of Chemical Reactions, they remind me of the Elephant Toothpaste Reaction. Give them the yeast and they will blow up like there is no tomorrow. Some actually make you feel like a pathetic fool and some don’t. I have come across Professors who actually thought we, students, were smart enough to understand their next level thesis and all that-bizarre-looking equations.

Actually, we were not—we were busy being apple-polishers, nodding at whatever foreign language they were saying. The thing is, they have had many years of experience in teaching and should definitely talk about what they have achieved over the years. However, somehow, the word ‘bragging’ disappears from their dictionary and all that nostalgic ‘talk’ becomes exhausting for the students. Therefore, don’t give them the catalyst that will get them started. Just say, ‘Like I care about your thesis—just clear my damn doubt’, obviously, in a milder manner. After all, you definitely don’t want to see their ‘bad’ side.

 The ‘Sweet/Bitter’ One

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They are so sweet while teaching, so sweet that the students will have a toothache. Honestly, these Professors have a very likable personality. During their office hours, they are helpful, friendly and try their best to understand a student’s situation. They will spend a good 10-15 minutes with the students, discussing the paper and even motivating the students to do better.

These Professors remind me of chameleons. Why? Because they change their color while grading! They have their own evil side, which comes out when they grade the papers and by the end of the semester. The students usually expect lenient grading with these Professors because of their kind personality. But, unfortunately, they turn out to be somewhat like Jean Grey, a hero having her own turns in being a super villain.

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They tend to deduct a lot of marks or just give a zero if your answer is wrong (even if your working is partially correct!). We have faced Professors, who don’t give marks if our answers have units but our workings don’t. This lethal attack sometimes causes the student to drop from his/her desirable grade and stunts it from ever going back up.

So, this is what I learned from them. Write everything. Write even the units in your workings and obviously even in your answers! Talk to them about your papers, no matter how bad you did. They are actually really nice people and give good advice, even about life.

The ‘New or the Laid-Back’ One

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These are usually new professors, therefore they don’t know the system quite well. But, they can either be sweet and a terrible teacher or strict but a good teacher. I had experience with both kinds. Well, more like both kinds combined; sweet, strict and terrible.

I remember the experience with them. Students used to sign the attendance sheet for other students, even though there were only 6 students in the class. They are very easy going people and are not really wary of their surroundings.

My Professor was really laid-back and even if he didn’t know the answer to a student’s question, he would say, ‘Good question! I don’t know.’ The thing with them is that, they are not afraid to admit their mistakes and they always make up for it. He always used to come up with the answer the very next day. Also, students eventually become fond of these teachers, because they have empathy towards students; a rather rare emotion amongst Engineering Professors.

So, this is what I learned from them. Don’t take advantage of them. Attend the classes, even though you know you will go to sleep, like I did. Even if you are late, just attend the class. You will definitely become fond of them.


The ‘I-Worship-Only-The-Book’ One

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They spoon-feed the textbook to the students, like how a mother feeds a child. They follow the textbook, they will give you easy examples from the textbook. The students will practice everything necessary and will feel like they have the subject in the palm of their hands. Students open the first page of the exam paper and then reality strikes them. It was all an illusion. Hard? That’s not even the correct word. These questions are basically the epitome of hell on paper.

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It’s like this, the Professor will guide the student step by step, teaching them how to easily walk through the subject. I remember, the Professor taught us like we were some Grade 6 students and obviously, we thought the subject was as easy as toasting a bread. However, their powers are very similar to Itachi Uchiha’s from Naruto. These Professors have the ability to put the students under a powerful illusion, making them think that the subject is easy.

Once we face the reality during the exam, our mind gets locked. And so, to get out of such a difficult situation, we then summon the God of Crap and he helps us in writing, obviously, some crap whose existence are unknown. You never know, sometimes crap language works with these Professors.

Basically, with them, students need to think out of the box. We need to be able to kick ourselves out of our comfort zone and think hard about the concept. Therefore, my friends, attend all of their classes. Write down everything they say in class, starting from their ‘full-stop’ to their lame jokes. There is a little bit of the concept in every piece of information they give.

The ‘Awesome’ One: Chemical Engineering Professors

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They are every student’s favorite! These are the Chemical Engineering Professors that will make the students want to stay in the field, regardless of how bad they are doing in their subject. The best part is that, these Chemical Engineering Professors don’t believe in traditional teaching; they believe in teaching the students through their own experiences and stories.

They are like a father figure to the students. They nurture the students, encouraging them to look at things from a different perspective. Regardless of how bad the student is doing, they are always there to encourage the students, helping them generate new ideas. All in all, they are one hell of a Professor, whom students really look up to for knowledge and inspiration.

Have you found these chemical engineering professors in your college?

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Afsana Alam

Afsana Alam is a chemical engineering student at American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She is a broke blogger and a huge fan of animes.


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