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To The Future Women Engineers Out There

A letter beautifully written and dedicated to future women engineers will inspire us all.

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In a letter contributed by Jared Mauldin to The Easterner in October 2015 is a shoutout to all women he adores in all of his engineering classes. Part of the Letters to the Editor series, the “STEM” piece of then-senior in mechanical Mauldin is where he expressed his sentiments that men and women cannot be equal. Dedicated to all women engineers.

Women Engineers (Source: Giphy)

Here is his letter in full:

To the women in my engineering classes:

While it is my intention in every other interaction I share with you to treat you as my peer, let me deviate from that to say that you and I are in fact unequal.

Sure, we are in the same school program, and you are quite possibly getting the same GPA as I, but does that make us equal?

I did not, for example, grow up in a world that discouraged me from focusing on hard science.

Nor did I live in a society that told me not to get dirty, or said I was bossy for exhibiting leadership skills.

In grade school I never had to fear being rejected by my peers because of my interests.

Women Engineers (Source: Giphy)

I was not bombarded by images and slogans telling me that my true worth was in how I look, and that I should abstain from certain activities because I might be thought too masculine.

I was not overlooked by teachers who assumed that the reason I did not understand a tough math or science concept was, after all, because of my gender.

I have had no difficulty whatsoever with a boys club mentality, and I will not face added scrutiny or remarks of my being the “diversity hire.”

When I experience success the assumption of others will be that I earned it.

So, you and I cannot be equal. You have already conquered far more to be in this field than I will ever face.

Jared Mauldin
Senior in Mechanical Engineering

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