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Why It’s Hard To Find Real Love In Today’s Technology

Find Real Love: Technology is taken for granted by people who like to play games and victimize young innocent minds.

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Can’t find real love?

I’m not exactly looking for a relationship right now. I enjoy being single. I’m comfortable on my own. I’d rather spend time working and spending time with my family rather than put myself out there in a world where people use technology to deceive other people. Everyday, we hear news and read stories about how women and men are easily fooled into doing things by people they meet on the internet. Sometimes, even the ones we love experienced the heartache of falling for trolls.

I’ve been a fan of the show, Catfish: The TV Show. It’s a show where its hosts help people find out if the ones they’re having a relationship with are really the people they see on the internet. It’s a case of a long-distance relationship gone wrong for most of the people on the show. We see these people confronting the truth and get their hearts crushed as they find out everything they believed in were just lies. It frightens me that so many people use the internet to troll on innocent people who are looking for love.

Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: MTV via Giphy)

Another case of a love gone wrong using technology is how married people use dating apps to have affairs with others. Have you heard of the website where married men can have affairs? Sounds horrible to me. Seriously, what’s wrong with these people? How about the app that lets you swipe right or left for your own musings? While there’s nothing wrong with latter app, it’s still a venue for dangerous people to prey on lovesick people who just want to have a clean good fun with the strangers they meet on the internet.

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Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: Giphy)

Lastly, I’d like to point out how easy it is for people to cheat on the internet these days. While some may not have physical contact with the strangers they meet on the web, some cheat by sending nude pictures, engaging in phone sex and other sexual activities done on the internet. Some people would use technology to blackmail innocent ones. It’s troubling, to be honest.

Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: Giphy)

When I meet people on the internet or in different dating apps, I make sure that I’m always careful interacting with them. My advice is to do the same as well. Do not send nudes, do not send money to these people. If you meet the most amazing guy in a dating app, make sure the person behind the account is the same guy you think you’re talking to. The world is already filled with people who have fallen victims to maniacs and trolls – do not be one of them.

Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: Giphy)

Technology was created to make our lives easier. It made it easier for us to connect with other people. However, the downside here is that technology is taken for granted by people who like to play games and victimize young innocent minds.

Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: Giphy)

Take care of your hearts. Real love goes beyond a simple “hello, i love you” on the internet. It’s personal and safe. Aim for that kind of love.

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Hard to Find Real Love? (Source: Giphy)

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