Here’s Why It Can Sometimes Suck To Be An Engineering Student

5 reasons why being an engineering student is less than enjoyable

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For a lot of us engineering students, trying to finish their degree isn’t what they expected. Even if they love math, are quite smart, and have an interest in applying theory to create things, they usually end up finding engineering school far less enjoyable than what they had expected. Here are the 5 biggest reasons as to why being an engineering student sucks.

1)      You get awful textbooks

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Not only are our textbooks old, thick, black and white and just plain boring, they’re also made out of thin paper that easily tear; and it’s not just the very uninspiring appearance they have. It’s also the fact that the texts are often very lengthy and confusing when it could’ve easily been summed up in a few sentences. The texts can also sometimes be poorly written, and most of all, the symbols equations given are slightly different from what your professor gave you.

2)      Professors are rarely ever encouraging

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Professors rarely ever give us any motivation to study well in the subject. In fact, a lot of times we have to suffer through boring, monotonous lessons as we try to take down as much notes as we possibly can before the professor inevitably goes to the next slide of some plain old PowerPoint presentation without you being able to write everything down. I mean, we get it, there are places where they’d rather be like focusing on their own research paper or completing their PhD, but they could at least try to make the subject interesting.

3)      Lack of quality counselling

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It seems like this isn’t just a problem in engineering. Nobody tells us how to get a job in the real world. Nobody tells us what’s hot in the job market and what skills we should invest our time in to get hired. Most of all, nobody tells us how to properly write a CV or a resume without looking like a complete fool.

4)      Other majors and fields of study have inflated grading systems

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Even the brightest of the brightest engineering students can get below average grades in engineering; it’s just really difficult. But it’s really unfair when in other majors, you can just slack of and have perfect attendance and get straight A’s.

5)      Every test you’ll take will always be 10x (or 100x) more difficult than your homework.

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Always… and it never gets easier.


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