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How to Pass Your Engineering Licensure Exam (Step by Step)

This is your one-stop guide to get that license.

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Engineering Licensure Exam


Taking the engineering licensure exam is the ultimate culmination of your engineering study.

It is that event in your life that will dictate the start of your engineering career – a day of reckoning.

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While it’s normal feel pressured at the thought of you acing that licensure exam, there’s no reason if you just know how to prepare.

And GineersNow has got you covered with the following tips:

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Brush Up on Your Reading Comprehension and Calculator Skills

You don’t want to waste time just trying to understand the problem.

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Be able to identify which given values you need and don’t need in answering what is required for you to solve.

You can do this by exposing yourself to problems with solutions.

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Be Physically and Psychologically Prepared

Do not underestimate the limitations of your body.

Your mind can say you can pull an all-nighter, but your body can prove otherwise.

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You have an option to choose your poison – coffee, soda or energy drink – to extend some nights to study but don’t forget to rest.

You have to prepare your mind too for the long hours of thinking and answering the exam, even during review. It is mentally exhausting to grind your gears for 3 to 4 hours of exam time.

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Expect for the Worst, But Hope for the Best

Everybody wants to pass the licensure exam but it should be done with the right amount of expectation and hope. Say it in your mind to lean on the more positive side: you will pass but you can fail if only you let that happen.

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Make the Most out of Your Exam Time

It’s not about who gets to finish first, but about who can get the most answer correctly. The licensure examination is not a race.

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Take the time in answering every problem but not long enough that you’ve used it all up in just a few problems.

Pace your problem solving; go through the easier ones first before heading to the difficult ones that need much thought.

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Practice Elimination

The weakness of multiple-choice questions is that the examinees can do elimination in the problems. Thanks to the modernized checking.

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Engineering licensure exams deal with values and if you can approximate that some of the choices are way out of the desired value, you can save time in eliminating those answers.

But of course you can never be sure, and just check the answer later by really solving the problem.

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No Room for Cheating

Do not ever consider about taking a shortcut in getting your license by cheating. Only losers do that.

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You want to be known as someone who is dumb enough to cheat in the exams when it could be done rightly?

Go ahead, if that’s okay with you. But you will be risking the lives of many people who will get your service as an incompetent engineer later. And that’s not good.

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Logical Reasoning Really Helps

This works well for engineering licensure exams, since some solutions can be done by merely dimensional analysis without ever having to memorize many formulas. Using logic also helps in practicing elimination.

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Categorize Your Answers to Gauge Your Score

You can actually estimate your exam rating by placing your answers into three categories after you’re all done: sure answers, 50-50 answers, and wild guesses. Calculate your possible score out of this three. This also gives you to take another look at your answers that belong in the 50-50 category.

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Questionnaires First, Answer Sheets Later

Do not mess your desk by having both sheets – questionnaires and the answer sheets – both atop. You have to deal with the questionnaire first by going through over it, and answer the problems on the provided extra sheets.

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When you’re done, that’s when you let the answer sheets out to shade.

If you don’t know how to answer, there’s no reason to use the answer sheet just yet. Organizing your desk upon taking the exam also helps clear your mind.

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Trust that You Will Pass and Excel in Your Engineering Licensure Exam

A great factor in passing your engineering licensure exam is your will to survive the difficulties along the way. It pays to have a mindset of a passer – or a topnotcher – even before you take the exam. Believe in yourself that you can do it amidst all odds. It’s a choice that you have to make.

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How to be a Topnotcher

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