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To My Parents, I’ll Be An Engineer this Year

I know I still have a few more years to go. I love you mom and dad. I promise, I’ll be an engineer.

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Even during pandemic, I will graduate, pass the board and be an engineer this year!

No words can express how grateful I am to have you as my parents.

I have so much respect for both of you and may this letter express my sincere gratitude for raising me well, for teaching me to dream a little bigger and for working hard so that you can raise the money for my tuition.


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I know it hasn’t been easy for our family to get to this point.

I have seen dad work overtime and spend less with the family.

Mom has borrowed money from her friends just so I can make it to the payment deadline.

Both of you sacrificed so much, you even forgot to spend money on yourselves.

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I’ve seen mom cry and worry about the money to spend for me and my siblings’ school fees.

Dad, thank you for keeping such a calm demeanor to the whole family.

You taught me how to face difficult situations with a certain calmness that led you to make wise decisions.

Thank you for taking care of this family.

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As I sit here today, writing this letter, I promise you one thing: I promise to be the engineer you always wanted me to be.

We know – you both know, I know – that we dreamt this dream of me becoming a licensed engineer one day.

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I promise you that all the hard work will pay off.

Yours and mine.

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Everyday, I look at both of you with pride knowing that I have parents who work hard just to support my dream.

Everyday, I strive hard to be one day closer to achieving our dream.

Mom and dad, I promise to be an engineer.

Even though there are bad days when I struggle to make it through classes, I will endure all the challenges college offers me.

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You’ve always encouraged me to fight all the time.

When you know I had a bad grade in a major subject, you remind me that I should never lose hope in myself.

You always believed that I will eventually pass all my subjects.

Thanks to you, I’ve managed to pass all my subjects so far.

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For days when I just had to cry it out, mom, thank you for always listening and for comforting me.

Dad, you always made sure I had enough energy to study for my exams.

Thank you!

I know I still have a few more years to go and anything can happen in our lives, but I promise to strive harder than ever to reach our goal.

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Thank you for the love and the strength.

I love you mom and dad.

I promise, I’ll be an engineer.

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2 shares, 113 points
Engr. Ninez Hernandez
A sensitive flirt, an awkward tease and a metallurgical engineer, surprisingly.


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