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This Kid Genius Is Qualified To Attend College But He Won’t

With an IQ of 148, he can go to college at the age of 11.

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Kid Genius


Do you remember when you were still a young kid having trouble with adding and subtracting numbers?

Before we entered high school, we had to deal with math and science, which we eventually learned how to love because of the complexities involved in each subject.

Every topic was so easy and hard at the same time and our teachers found ways to make it more challenging for us.

So, imagine yourself being a kid genius who is probably smarter than the college kids in engineering school.

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Such is the case of Jaxon Cota. This 11-year-old kid genius has an IQ of 148.

While his thinking capacity allows him to skip multiple grades, he just wants to be a kid who gets to have fun with his peers.

By the age of two, Jaxon was already reading numbers up to fifteen digits long.

When MENSA found out that he took an exam applying for the school’s program for the gifted and talented kids, he was accepted to join the famous high IQ society.

MENSA is known for having activities for intellectual exchange among its members. Only students “who have attained a score within the upper two percent of the general population on an approved intelligence test” are accepted in this program.

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Kid Genius (Source: NBCNews via Pulptastic)

Jaxon has been competing in different math competitions. While competing in MathCON, his score was nearly perfect compared to the other 45,000 students who joined the competition as well.

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He placed 7th in the competition. As for his interests, his love for numbers made him love baseball, too. According to his father, Matthew Cota, ”There is just naturally a lot of thinking that’s involved with it. There’s statistics and where you have to be on each play.”

He is also into creating Rube Goldberg machines. While he doesn’t get it right the first time, he usually gets it when plans it out really well. He said, “You make mistakes along the way, you repair, and then at the end you already see the final result.”

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Even though he can go to college with his talents and smarts, he prefers to stick to sixth grade for now.

According to Jaxon, “It’s not something that I’d want to do, because I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love like play baseball or hang out with my friends.” Even though lessons for sixth graders will be easy for him, he will be getting special instructions that will help him keep challenged.

Did you know that Jaxon was also on “Child Genius”, a Lifetime TV series? He even got flawless scores in writing, math and science during the eight-week academic competition. Wish we could do that when we were 11, right?

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Kid Genius (Source: NBC News YouTube)

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NBC News



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30 shares, 102 points
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