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Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned in Engineering University

"It’s a given that I had my share of terrible, unforgiving days, but that doesn’t remove the fact that in college, I grew up the most."

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Engineering University Lessons

On the day I officially finished my engineering course, I looked back at the most important moments of my four and a half years in the university. As I marched to the hall where I was about to receive my diploma, I gazed at the Engineering Building only to feel a little emotional, realizing that my days in engineering school were coming to an end.

It was difficult for me to contain that sudden realization. To think that the fun times I and my classmates spent in that building will never be replicated anymore, and that the professors will no longer have the chance to share their life’s wisdom in between the class lessons.

But the moment I entered the hall and saw the other men and women in their toga, that sad feeling was quickly replaced by elation. Hell yeah, I finally made it! And I got to finish engineering school the earliest time possible.

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My days in engineering school, I can confidently say, are one of the best in my life so far. It’s a given that I had my share of terrible, unforgiving days, but that doesn’t remove the fact that in college, I grew up the most. I’m not only talking about the physical aspect, but mental, emotional, psychological, and social, among others.

Engineering school for me is not just about learning how to become an engineer, but also how to become an adult.

At only 16 years old, I enrolled for an engineering course. I was relatively immature then but that changed as I finished the subjects, semester after semester. Subconsciously, I was maturing. That’s despite that there is no engineering textbook that teaches that kind of material.

It just hit me one day shortly after graduation that engineering school has its way of transforming its students into infinitely better persons, honing our entirety as human beings. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was not the same guy anymore – in the best ways possible – when I left engineering school.

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So that’s the most important lesson that I have learned in engineering school. This reflection was inspired by a friend on Facebook, so I also took to our Facebook page and asked the followers of GineersNow on their own take. And wow, I have an interesting collection from both students and professionals.

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Since mine was so serious, let’s start with the not so serious ones. Danna Esa Obre Licon said that the most important lesson she learned in engineering was, “Engineers have [supernatural] powers [which] will manifest in the [few hours] before every deadline [whether it is] an exam, project or presentation.” Meanwhile, Luke Augustus Karl Well shared, “If you share your answers with your classmates in [the] test, their marks will be higher than yours.” Both are hilariously proven true in every engineering school.

There were others like Clintoy Panchito Espelita and John Neil Sanupao Igbalic, who (I hope they were joking) commented pieces of learning promoting academic dishonesty. They said, “Always be friendly to the [smart ones because] they will help you in the exams,” and “Learn how to hide your cheats properly,” respectively.

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On the other hand, Ernest Rod Villar Resuma has different priorities. He shared, “Drink now, study later,” which tells a lot about how he survived engineering.

Of course there are a few who answered the poll related to getting the best grades, also breaking the ice about the truth in learning. Like Greg Sido, who said that most teachers don’t value learning and just good grades, which explains why most engineering students cheat and do not learn; and Yona Chabesu who said that grades will never ever reflect how much salary one will get in the future.

For Camille Torres Cardeño, the greatest lesson she learned in engineering school is to study well not just because of aiming higher grades, but to learn the real concept of engineering. One of the best, if not the best, in the long list.

Dwight Roallos Dello advised those still in engineering school this: coffee should be your bestfriend. Meanwhile, Lucille Pabalate, who wants to save other engineering students with perhaps the most difficult graduation requirement, warned, “Choose your thesismates wisely.”

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Some of our followers responded to the poll with a lot of sense, which explains why their comments have some of the most likes. ReynaLdo Torres Godoy said, “You might be not so great and smart, but if you are determined you will be successful.” Jonnel Buan commented, “Life is unfair. Get used to it.” Cherry Belle Pedrosa Hilario wrote, “Intelligence is something, but perseverance is everything. Study hard!”

Eli Ibarra might have pointed out the obvious by saying, “Never make a decision without analyzing the situation,” but he is totally not wrong. Some people indeed have become so impatient that they forgot the basic engineering approach.

It’s funny that the favorite habit of engineering students – procrastination – appeared twice in the comment section. Jay Quezon replied, “What you can do today, do it tomorrow,” with Bijoy Sarker stating another version of the quote.

Meanwhile, there are others who might have fallen to the trap of wrong sign conventions. Gonrey Arcenal and Heinerich Po Clave said about being careful with the sign as it will change the whole process.

This list will not be complete without the mentioning of the engineer’s best friend. Mukhtar J. Abdi and Rafael Abesamis Santiago must have had an unforgettable mishap to say, “Losing your calculator is a disaster,” and “Never [lose] your calculator and pen.” Armina Cali wrote the same, but wittingly: [A scientific calculator] is like [an] underwear, you must not forget it and always bring it with you.

What can you add in this list? Put in the comment section below or join us in our Facebook conversation!

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