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What Does It Mean To Have an Engineering License?

Here are five reasons why you should take and pass that licensure examination.

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Do you know the perks, advantages and having engineering license really mean?

In most parts of the world, there are engineering examinations conducted by government entities to set national standards. For graduates of many engineering fields, it requires passing such exams to be rightfully called engineers, and have the benefit of tagging the word “engineer” in one’s name. Only then that one can be called a professional engineer or licensed engineer that goes with a lot of pride and honor.

Cheers for passing that exam! You got engineering license (Source: WordPress)

But what does it really mean to have an engineering license?

  • Becoming a licensed engineer shows an assurance of dedication, skill and quality of an engineer. Proven to be equipped with the necessary knowledge to practice, the engineer with his license can say that he or she is of a certain caliber, and that he or she has already mastered critical elements of the profession.
  • Only licensed or professional engineers can prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients. This is a privilege enjoyed by those who struggled for the licensure exams.

Not to brag but… Source: Tumblr

  • Most companies already require a license as a legal requirement. When one works for a company and somehow messes up terribly a specific project to the extent of harming the public, the company can go after disabling the engineer’s right to practice further. Having a license promotes accountability as an engineer.
  • The society has high regard for licensed engineers. Much like CPAs and lawyers, the people view licensed engineers as majestic and part of an elite group. This is okay as long as the engineer stays grounded and doesn’t build his ego with such esteem.
  • Perhaps other engineering graduates are taking the professional exams for the money, which is understandable because licensed engineers indeed get a higher pay.
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