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Online Educational Websites – Udemy Example

Today websites like Coursera and Udemy are very popular

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Educational Websites

Today’s learners are very lucky since they have access to huge information present on the web. The information on the internet is widely scattered across many platforms. There are hundreds of mobile apps that are higher education and some of them have the ability to replace real teachers. Majority of the educational apps available today come with the best quality offline study material as well. Today it is not challenging to create a website like Udemy since we have enough tools and technologies to support us. 

Today websites like Coursera and Udemy are very popular. Learners are provided with apps of these websites where they can access online courses. But along with these, even universities, schools, and organizations are also developing their own platforms for online courses. To stand out among these highly popular learning apps like Udemy, the customized learning platform you have created should offer unique features. 

How does it work?

The online course apps or websites are dominated by apps like Udemy, edX, and Coursera. To understand how these apps are working, let’s take Udemy as an example. Udemy is one of the democratic educational systems by itself. They offer thousands of courses and anybody can choose their course and learn from it. 

Udemy always makes direct negotiations with its teachers. It provides them with pdf docs, video, and PowerPoint presentations if required in delivering the course to the audience. But when it comes to marketing as well as distribution, Udemy takes complete responsibility. Then you may think that how can Udemy earn money?

In Udemy, teachers make use of the platform for free. But when a course is sold, 50 percent goes to Udemy’s pocket. Hence you can understand that it’s a definitely huge amount. Along with this, there are many other ways through which it is possible to monetize your online education platform. Some of them are 

  • Opting for a corporate subscription
  • Offering a freemium model
  • Advertising

How to create a unique education platform

There are many ways through which you can create a website like Udemy with unique features. 

  • The best thing you can do is offer learners with high-quality, properly checked, and premium-level courses
  • If required make collaboration with best educational institutions and come up with the highest quality material
  • Most of the education websites offer common and generic courses. So start digging the topics which are unexplored and try to provide completely narrow-focused courses
  • Define your own customs policies and offer better conditions to publishers. 
  • It is true that when education is available on the go, even learners think it is priceless. Provide the mobile version of the website and you will see the increase in the number of users

Final thought 

Before even start building the online education app, you should be ready with your homework and collect complete details required for the subject matter. After that start working on the web design of your app. You can create all-new eLearning platforms or you can also make use of an existing platform. 

Finally, develop an LMS which is cloud-based and decide on the method of training like graphics, reading content, or video. Keep everything needed to connect your system with the required external tools.

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