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Quit: That One Thing You Have to Do If You Are a Complete Misfit in Engineering

“The reality bites: for some, engineering is not just meant to be. Deal with it. Life goes on.”

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Engineering students have their reasons why they took their courses.

Some would say it’s a personal choice because engineering is their passion ever since. That they have waited all their life for the enrollment.

A few would answer it is more of their parents’ decision and they just got along with it. That they were made to take engineering as a way of giving back.

There are others who enrolled in engineering not because it is really what they want, but because it was the course that felt right. At the time of deciding for a college course, it was engineering which sounded the coolest. Or seemed the most interesting. It was chosen without checking if their skills and interests are aligned with the course.

If your reason is any of the last two (mine is the last), there is a great chance that deep inside, you already want out of this hell called engineering school. That you are slowly drifting away from engineering by the day.

It happens more often that you find yourself asking, “Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

You keep doubting. Because you think the struggles are too real in engineering to the point that it is already detrimental.

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It feels like you have not come to love engineering even when you tried so hard. Not one thing is exciting about it. You feel forced to attend all your classes. All the lessons do not make sense to you at all.

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With all those thoughts in mind, the thought of quitting is still scary. You are too afraid to let engineering go because you have no idea how to make the shift or what to do next.

“How do I start over again?” and “Which course should I take?” are the big questions you ask yourself.

But it has to be done. If you have the same thoughts in mind above, you have to quit engineering. Like I did.

The process was difficult for me but I didn’t want to regret staying in engineering school for another term when I feel that it isn’t just for me.

Why would you put yourself in a career that you will dread for the rest of your life? In the long run, making the jump will do you more good than harm. You do not want to feel stuck with a job later that is never your passion.

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Trust me when I say that you will never forgive yourself for not deciding as early as you can.

Say to yourself a thousand times that you need to leave engineering because you do not belong there. That this is not your destiny.

If something pops into your mind along the mantra that makes you still want to stay, you might just need to rest. Not quit.

Otherwise, take yourself out of engineering. It’s okay to quit – it doesn’t mean you are defeated but only means you choose to fulfill your personal happiness. And that’s what is important.

Do not regret anything about entering engineering because that’s how you realized that you do not belong there. Because that’s part of the life’s process: you wouldn’t know things if you didn’t try them out. Charge it to experience.

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What’s done is done. Put the past behind you and focus on how you can turn your life around after being in engineering. By the time you quit, you should be able to feel free from the chains that held you for a long time.

The reality bites: for some, engineering is not just meant to be. Deal with it. Life goes on.

Written by an anonymous guest writer

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