What Advices Did You Get From Your Upperclassmen? Here’s Mine!

Better to learn from terror professors who had lessons prepared than to merely pass in a subject taught by someone who didn’t prioritize your education.

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I remember being a freshman six years ago. I was fresh out of high school and I had this big dream that I will make it in engineering school. I was so young and naive. I had all the energy to study hard for every subject I was going to take. I even remember my mother walking with me around the campus, telling me that this university would open doors for me. She kept reminding me that if I make it here with an engineering degree in my hand, it wouldn’t be hard for me to apply for a job later on.

Everything was so perfect during the orientation. People were kind and I said to myself, “Engineering school wouldn’t be so bad.” Well, looking back, I realized what a silly girl I was six years ago. I was so naive to believe that engineering would have been easy. Luckily for me, I was able to befriend my upperclassmen easily.

Whenever I had concerns about a professors, a subject, an organization or anything that involved the affairs of the heart, I always had people to talk to. They were always eager to share their say on a lot of things but I was always grateful for their help. You see, being a freshman away from home can be scary, confusing and lonely sometimes.. It was never easy for me on my first semester in engineering school but I got by thanks to my friends, especially the upperclassmen who gave me the best advices.

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On terror professors:

Better to learn from the terror professors who always had lessons prepared than to merely pass in a subject taught by someone who didn’t prioritize our education.

On dormitories:

The canteen food in the dormitory is the worst but if you want to save money, eat it. 

On calculus:

That’s just the easy part.

On engineering majors:

I told you calculus was just the easy part. 

On getting along with your course-mates:

It pays to join an academic organization. They have all the old notes and sample exams!

On the pressure our families give us:

They’re not the ones who are taking engineering. If they don’t understand what you’re going through, explain it to them but never give in to what they want you to do. 

On scientific calculators:

Never let it go.

On scholarships:

If you’re poor, never take it for granted. If you’re rich, why apply?

On falling in love in engineering school:


On coming out of the closet:

We accept you.

On failing an exam:

Calculate the score you’ll need for next exam and study your ass off.

On failing a subject:


On failing the same subject again:


On failing the same subject the third time:

Are you sure you really want to be an engineer?

On thesis:

Make sure you have all the money you need for the experiments. 

On plant design:

You’ll need coffee. And patience. 

On getting delayed:

You’ll get there eventually. 

On graduation:

Make sure whoever does your makeup is good at it.

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