Scientific Calculator: An Engineering Student’s Best Friend in College

We use it to check if 1+1 is really 2. We’ve become dependent on scientific calculators and the thought of losing it is just unbearable.

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It is a truth universally known throughout universities worldwide that engineering is considered one of the toughest courses in the world. Not only is memorization of countless equations involved in the course, complicated problem solving and analysis are often required from engineering students. The more we progress in the course program, the more competitive people become that’s why it’s important that we have friends we can count on to help us get through engineering school. Some are lucky to find friends they can trust while others prefer to be alone.

But there’s a special relationship that exists for all engineering students and this relationship involves what every engineering student considers an academic life saver. You know what we’re talking about here: the scientific calculator! For every engineering student, one often has a special bond with his/her scientific calculator. A bond so strong that even if people mock us for loving them, we just ignore the haters.

There are many proofs that show how engineering students treat their scientific calculators like their best friends:

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One goes everywhere with it.

You take it to your classrooms, to your exams and even to places where you don’t even need a calculator. You just never leave your dorm room without it. As soon as you head out of the door, you first ask yourself, “Did I bring my calculator with me?” If not, you rush to find it and give a sigh of relief when you place it in your bag.

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One sleeps next to it.

Engineering students study almost every night. If they want to graduate with an engineering degree, they have to spend the whole night reading their study materials and practice solving sample exams. With the calculator located next to you whenever you study, you can expect it to be there waiting for you to use it as soon as you wake up from a nap. Yep, you don’t get laid often. You just sleep next to your scientific calculator.

One whispers, “Please help me.” to it during exams.

Do you ever get scared of taking an exam? Did you ever feel like you need a miracle to pass it? Have you ever talked to your scientific calculator and asked it to give you the right answers?

Come on, we’ve all been guilty about talking to it as if it was going to magically help us get the right answers in our exams.

Source: Pexels

One panics when it gets lost.

As soon as you realize that your calculator isn’t in your bag, you start to panic! You just start to look around for it and when you realize that it’s lost, you either cry in the corner, be in a very foul mood or panic even more. You just lost your “best friend”. It’s understandable.

One just can’t live without it. 

Let’s face it. We treat it like our best friend because it is very helpful in all the things we do in engineering school. Sometimes, we even use it to check if 1+1 is really 2. We’ve become dependent on scientific calculators and the thought of losing it is just unbearable. For some, they’re very careful with it because it can be expensive buying a new one.

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What about you? Do you take care of your scientific calculators? Do you treat it like your best friend too? What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done when you thought you lost your calculator?

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