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To The Single Engineers on Valentine’s Day

For those of us who had our hearts broken before, it’s hard to find love again. So we choose to remain single… and learn to be comfortable with it.

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Single Engineers on Valentine’s Day


We all want to be loved. We want the ‘good night’ texts at the end of the day from someone who makes our hearts skip a beat.

We want to love someone and in return, we want to feel loved as well.

But despite what the movies tell us, it’s hard to find love. For those of us who had our hearts broken before, it’s hard to find love again. So we choose to remain single… and learn to be comfortable with it.

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As time goes by, we meet someone new and at first, we think it could work.

Later on, the idea of getting hurt again scares us and we give up on the idea of being with someone new. You move on and tell yourself it is better to be single for now.

You tell yourself that being single means you don’t have to be in messy situations with someone.

Then you remind yourself that you can fool around and have fun until you meet someone new again.

This happens every time you meet someone new until you realize you’ve been single for a long time. Then, you will feel lonely.

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As engineers, we have busy schedules that a lot of people can’t keep up with. I know a lot of young engineers who even enjoy being single for now. They want to focus on their careers first.

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They want to get promoted and they want to save money for their future.

Whatever reasons we have for being single, it’s okay. But if you feel sad about feeling alone and single, remember this: You can be single but you don’t have to feel lonely.

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Love takes time and we really don’t have to rush ourselves into marriage.

If people shame you for being single for a very long time, forget about them. Don’t get scared of their jokes about how you’ll end up alone forever.

Besides, you don’t only experience love from having a love life, you get it from the people around you.

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Being single is fun if you choose to have fun! Spend more time with your family and hang out with your friends as much as you can.

Even though their company is different from the one you get from having a partner, it doesn’t really matter.

These people still love you and they choose to be with you. And with them, you’ll find out that you don’t really have to feel bitter over couples who go out on dates because you have your family and friends to spend quality time with.

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You don’t have to be with someone to feel complete. You already are!

Remember, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

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3 shares, 114 points
Engr. Alicia White
Studied Industrial engineering at Went to University of New South Wales and human resources at Melbourne Business School. Ex Rio Tinto, now with BHP Billiton and GineersNow. Follow me on


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