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The Social Problem of Engineering Students

Engineering student life is actually a three-way street: study, sleep, social life

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Engineering students social problems.



Engineering is inherently boring.

One has to deal with the scientific calculators, thick books with tedious theories and principles and the slow-speaking professors who barely light up the room everyday in a span of three to five years to finish the course.

The learning process is cyclic that one might end up getting crazy with engineering let alone.


Engineering students social problems (Source: Harvard University)


But the fact is that you can also have outside activities to keep you sane.

An engineering student has an option to do extra-curricular activities that will develop social skills, if one has the extra time (which there is).

Embedded already in the stereotype is that engineers are introverts and socially awkward persons who only read books or playing video games. But that can’t be true for all. One can squeeze in a social interaction in the engineering college or entire university by joining organizations, activities and events to have a bond with others.

If you don’t have existing friends, you can start from there. That will build on your social skills and help you boost some confidence. If you already have a bunch of acquaintances, it wouldn’t hurt to add more.

Other than to build on your social skills, do it to make connections. The more you talk to new people, the more you build bridges with them who might help you with work or with life in the future.

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A little familiarity with the others will go a long way, especially if the relationship is founded on trust. This is not called being a user but instead taking advantage of friendships for common good.Some will say that it will only waste time, and they will rather be studying or sleeping.

Engineering is actually a three-way street: study, sleep, social life; which can be realistically be balanced if only you know how to schedule your priorities.

Join university organizations and seek a position if there is any. Go out there. That will help you with your leadership skills which will be beneficial for your engineering work later. Be an active member as much as possible while sustaining the balance of the other two scales.

You will be surprised later that the bridges you made with others is your edge compared to those who chose to sleep and study their entire college life. And that is already proven by many who gave up some of their free time to join organizations.


Engineering students social problems (Source: Illinois Institute of Technology)

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