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To the Struggling Engineering Students: Keep Fighting!

Soon, all engineering students will become an engineer despite everything else.

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“You will never make it in engineering school.” At one point of your life, somebody may have told you that awakening statement. Perhaps it echoed to your mind, and said that to yourself in front of the mirror a couple of times as you continue to struggle with your studies. Struggling engineering students, read this carefully.

This feeling of defeat is common while studying engineering. Almost everyone is having a hard time coping with the difficult subjects, preparing for the load of exams, and completing their projects and reports on time, among others. It is exactly what you signed up for. Exactly. Who said anything about engineering school that it is all just a good time?

Source: Tumblr (Struggling engineering students)

You are there to learn to become an engineer, and that means you will be required to take all the subjects listen in your curriculum. In between, you are going to feel drained, especially when you take courses simultaneously. You will no longer have time to socialize or sleep in most days, with your academics eating most of your time. That’s part of the sacrifice being in engineering school. Again, that is exactly what you signed up for. Exactly.

The trick to survive engineering school is mostly about convincing yourself that your present troubles will be all worth it in the end. It is also about recognizing that the struggles are part of the process. You can never remove it at all – all you have to do is adapt.

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The key is to believe in yourself – because no one can do that more successfully than you but you. You will only fail if you give up on yourself.

Source: Giphy (Struggling engineering students)

Times may be hard for you right now but the glory will be yours when you happen to overcome them. Say to yourself a million times, especially when you are down, that “I will make it in engineering school.” Because it will happen. You’ll eventually be surprised to see yourself marching for that diploma. Just keep fighting! Trust that you will become an engineer despite everything else.

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