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This Is How You Survive Engineering University

Engineering is difficult, which is why you need to get a hold of these tips in becoming future engineers.

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They say engineering school is hard. You may have heard it from friends or family members who are not in the course. What they say is true – it is not a matter of opinion, but a matter of fact, even when they haven’t experienced engineering at all. But when those people actually get to study engineering, they will realize that it is harder than they think it is. Here’s how you can survive that engineering university.

Life in engineering is a roller-coaster ride. At times when an engineering student is happy, although happens very rarely, those are the golden moments. The rest of the time it is either a bland day or the engineer hits the unfathomable rock bottom. And it doesn’t only have to be all about engineering school, as being a human at 20s comes with a lot of existential crises.

That’s why it pays to know the different techniques in how to survive engineering. To be able to cope with personal crises is an inner search towards getting better, but to follow tips in order to be a more efficient engineering student will yield greater result. Once you’ve matched the pieces and got yourself back together emotionally, it’s time to follow the techniques you need to finish that engineering degree. Here are some of those tips:

Practice, practice, practice.

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If you think getting to memorize all the problems given by your professors and in your books will make you a great engineer, sorry but reality says it doesn’t. It takes comprehension to absorb the principles related to the course, and the best way to do that is to practice solving problems as many as you can. The more problems you can solve, the more you can understand the concept. It’s not enough to be able to know the theory by heart as it does not solve problems. An important and distinct quality of an engineer is to be able to solve problems through applying the math and physics principles learned.

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Figure out when you are the most productive.

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Are you a morning person? Or a night person? This isn’t one that cannot be done overnight and may take one or two semesters before it’s all figured out. The engineering student lifestyle requires one’s physical and mental capacity to find the time where it operates best. Find the best time that you can work on being an engineering genius.

There will always be someone better.

How to Survive Engineering University (Source: Tumblr)

There will come a time that you will compare yourself with others, no matter what you say that you should focus on getting yourself to learn. From there you will realize that you may not be the best in everything. If you were the smartest kid in high school, it doesn’t always apply when you are in engineering. Many brilliant minds exist in an engineering college, and the competition, needless to say, is tough. Step up your game as necessary, because that will also make you become a better and efficient engineer as you aim to become the best.

Take the subjects with the challenging professors.

How to Survive Engineering University (Source: Huff Post)

This may be the most underrated tip there is for engineering students. Taking the “easy routes,” i.e having the easy graders as teachers, only promotes lazy engineers in the future. It’s understandable that one will question, “Why will I put myself in that misery when I can finish that same course with an easy way out?” Well, it’s not fair for the “hard” professors either. They are doing their jobs to test the engineer out of every engineering student. They are meaasuring that every inch of determination from their students so that when the students get of college and become real engineers, they are prepared of the crazier outside world. For that, I can say, they deserve the title as the best teachers rather than the ones who will just give it easy.

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