Terrifying Thoughts You’ll Have Before, During and After Taking An Exam

We promised to study only to end up clueless before taking the exam. Admit it, you never really had enough time to study everything for an exam.

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When you’re an engineering student, studying for an exam in just one night seems to be an impossible task. With so many things to memorize and analyze, cramming it all in less than 12 hours is not enough. Engineering students usually have to practice taking on countless sample problems just to familiarize themselves with the concepts involved in the exam. Admit it, you never really had enough time to study everything for an exam.

Once the exam is taken, you find yourself surprised with the questions. You try to recall all the lessons your professor taught you and whether or not the given questions were discussed at all. When you finally find yourself defeated, you just go with the flow. Answer what you can and hope for the best. But you also expect the worst.

Below are thoughts students normally have before, during and after taking an exam. It involves watching a favorite tv series, cursing and beers. Surely you’ve thought of these as well.

Professor announces schedule of exam:

I will study hard for this exam. I need to get above 80% just to increase my chances of passing this subject this semester.

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Two weeks before the exam:

Only two weeks to go. I really should be studying right now but wait, I want to catch up on my favorite TV series. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to binge watch now so I can study without distractions when I’m done.

One week before the exam:

I haven’t read any of the study materials yet. Oh well, I still have enough time. I just need to finish my homework on my other subjects first.

Two days before the exam:

Oh sh*t! I have six chapter to read and I just opened my book. Will I be able to finish it all? Will I pass this exam?

The night before the exam:

I have four more chapters to finish. Maybe I should start answering sample problems first. So that I have an idea what will come up in the exam. 

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An hour before the exam:

F*ck! I haven’t finished reading all the chapters. I only read two out of six. Oh my goodness. F*ck. F*ck. F*ck. I am so unprepared. Should I make up an excuse why I couldn’t take the exam today? Should I pretend to be sick?

Three-hour exam starts:

*Prays to a higher being*

Two hours left:

We didn’t discuss this. WTF! WTF! WTF!

One hour left:

*Calculates how many points one needs to get in the next exam to pass the subject.*

Ten minutes left:

*Writes apology note below the paper and promises professor you’ll do better in the next exam.*

As soon as the exam is over:

Aaaah! I have to get out of here. Why are they discussing the exam? What? How did they get that value? Why is mine so far away from the ones they got? How is this possible? 

*Rushes off to dorm room to sulk and worry about the exam*

An hour after the exam:

Will I still pass this course? *cries*

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Two hours after exam:

*Orders pizza and beer*

Three hours after exam:

*Gets drunk with friends, gets comforted by friends and orders more beer*

The day after the exam:

Oh well. It’s time to move on and focus on the future. I need to really study for this exam. The struggle is real!

The day you receive the exam results:

Oh f*ck! My grade is younger than me!

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