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The Need for Remote Proctoring and Its Role

Remote proctoring is a service that can help the institute in many ways including the arrangement of online test for various courses

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The need for remote proctoring and its role


With the help of modern technology, a number of tasks can be easily accomplished for which people had to spend a huge cost and time in past. The best example for this statement can be the education sector where online education and tests are conducted by different institutes. For this, the institutes need to go for the remote proctoring services offered by some of the experts in this industry. Getting students to learn various modules which are a part of the course is made possible by this service. Institute can also keep a track of the learning of the students and also see if he has completed required modules before appearing in the test.

Remote proctoring is a service that can help the institute in many ways including the arrangement of online test for various courses. Online education proves much useful for several learners in different cities and fields.

Why online education is more successful?

To have the right education in an offline system one had to visit the institute at a decided time. Hence one had to spend on travel and during that time he cannot go for any other activity. If the institute is in a different city or country, it becomes tough to go there and stay as it involves huge cost and time. In the offline method, the institutes also have a limit of enrolling the students as it has to arrange for seating and teaching in various classes. With the help of online education, all these troubles have ended. One can learn as per his convenience and from the institute, he wants to go for.

How online education is given:

In online education, the institutes offer a variety of modules to the learners. These modules are sent online on the site where one needs to have a login ID and password to check the module. One can also download these modules on his smartphone or computer and go through them as and when he wants to. One can go through the same module repeatedly also and learn the aspects at his best. Hence online education proves much helpful to the learner. Adding to that one can go for an institute which may be an international one or not in his city. The modules are also created by known experts in the field which may be more useful to the learners.

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From the educational institute point of view also it becomes a beneficial option. The institute does not need to prepare the modules frequently as the same modules can be helpful to learners for a longer period. Hence the cost involved in making the modules and using them can be lowered. The institute does not need to arrange for the learners in class which can help it spend more on modules and other benefits as it reduces the overall cost of the education. This helps the institute to lower the fee taken from the learners and hence it can be a beneficial option for both sides.

The system also helps the institute to track if the learner has gone through the module or not. There is a time set for every module which one must give to learn the course. It also offers a test after completion of each module which one needs to clear before appearing in the real test. Doubtlessly there are also some challenges that institutes have to face which include verification of the right candidate for the test and other technical glitches which can trouble the learner.

Use of AI:

To overcome these troubles also the institutes can go for proctoring service providers who can help to identify the student with the help of face recognition via webcam. The system can also help to verify the documents of the learner which may be furnished by the learner while enrolling for the course. In case of technical trouble also the service provider helps the institute to overcome as they offer online and offline support to both sides.

Can the learners cheat during the exam?

Well, for the conventional option of the exam this has been a menace but not for the online test as every movement of a student is caught by the system and hence any undesired activity may lead to termination of his test immediately. The screen is locked during the test and hence one cannot go for any other function on the system. In case he tries for the same, the system may provide a quick notification and the institute is also notified for such activity of the aspirant. Hence for the students, it is almost impossible to go for any type of cheating or malpractice during the test.

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The benefits:

There are ample benefits of using this option for learners as well as the institute. The cost of the test is reduced by this method of online exam which is the biggest benefit for every institute. The institute needs to arrange for the seating of students while imparting the education as well as going for the test. It also needs to arrange for a supervisor and paper checker after the test. Such cost is saved with the help of online education and test which can help it to spend the same amount to another place. For the learners also the online education and test can be of great benefit. They can use the time which is spared for learning.

In the case of the online test, they can save a huge amount of cost on travelling to the concerned venue and also time for the same. The institute can get the papers checked with the help of the system only and provide result in a few hours after the test which is the biggest benefit. The institute can also save a lot of amount on stationery such as printing of papers and answer sheets as well as material for the test. It does not need to store the papers anywhere which can help it operate with small space also. The institute can go for the test of thousands of students in a few hours and hence it does not have to spend a lot of time arranging for a huge number of students. The whole test can be carried out with a few numbers of employees say 4 or 5.

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