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Things Engineering Students Will Never Be Sure Of In College

It’s known to question everything about the decisions you make such as “Did I really make the right choice to pursue engineering?”

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Engineering Students


Oh college. It’s the most wonderful time of our lives.

We’re starting to become independent from our parents without having too much pressure from what is commonly known as “the adult life”.

For the next four or five (or six) years, we’re given an opportunity to truly enjoy getting to know who we really are while studying the most interesting topics in engineering.

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It’s an exciting period of our lives and we’re ready to have crazy fun with our friends – exactly just like what we see in the movies. Except that engineering school normally is tougher than other degree programs.

Have you ever seen a movie about engineering students where they just party and get laid? Nope. I don’t think so.

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As you can see, engineering school is full of uncertainty. If you don’t work hard enough to earn high grades, you’ll definitely say goodbye to this prestigious course that’s known to break hearts of aspiring engineers. It’s known to question everything about the decisions you make such as “Did I really make the right choice to pursue engineering?” or “Is this all worth it?” Engineering will leave you doubting the things you keep saying to yourself and in this field, there are many things you can never be sure of.

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#1 I will graduate on time.


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There are a lot of engineers who took their time in college.

Normally, a program lasts for four to five years. Some graduated after six, seven or eight years.

My cousin took nine years just to finish computer engineering.

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#2 I will have high grades this semester.


That’s what we always say at the start of the semester.

We always look forward to fresh starts but as soon as we start having exams, we just aim to get passing grades.

We tell ourselves, “I just need to pass this subject this semester. Please.”

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#3 I will not skip classes.


But as soon as the alarm clock sets off, we turn it off and go back to bed.

The next thing we know, we just skipped two classes in a day already.

Though sometimes, we don’t go to class just to study the lessons of the next class.

Oh engineering school, why do you have to be so hard?

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#4 I will read all the materials before I go to class or take an exam.


It’s always something we tell ourselves to do after class but there seems to be more interesting things to accomplish… such as being updated with our friends’ lives on social media.

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#5 I will prioritize my studies first. 


But as soon as we meet the most gorgeous person in class, we find ourselves asking them out on dates.

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The next thing we know is we’re in love and we just want to be with that person all the time – taking selfies together while going out at night… every night.

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#6 I will not copy my classmate’s homework. 


You’re only lucky if you do have a classmate who will let you copy his or her homework.

If you do, then forget about having to worry about anything your professor gives you at the end of the class.

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#7 I will immediately get hired by a big company after college. 


It’s a sad reality that there are many engineering students out there who are either unemployed or doing jobs that don’t apply what they learned in engineering school.

I hope you won’t be one of them.

#8 I always have time to do everything for all of my subjects.


THIS IS A BIG LIE! There’s never enough time.

Engineering professors think we’re superhuman and we can do everything within 24 hours of a day.

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#9 If I did well in high school, I’ll be fine in engineering school. 


So many high school achievers out there think that they’ll do great in college but the truth is a lot of them flunk in engineering.

It must be the arrogance they have within themselves. Do you know one? Are you one?

#10 I can get enough sleep and avoid cramming.


What sleep?

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All-nighters are no-brainers. Especially if it is the night before the exam, sleep deprivation will hurt you cognitively. Concentration, reaction time and decision skills are weakened resulting in poor test performance.

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Engr. Cody Catarina
Currently working as talent acquisition manager at Carillion Construction, Glasgow,UK. A badass mechanical engineer from University of Leeds. Editor and writer at GineersNow. Follow my travel and auto blogs


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