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Things to Remember When Applying to Grad Schools and Taking the GRE Test

There are a lot of tasks to accomplish before and during your scheduled GRE

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Grad Schools

A postgraduate degree can be your ticket to earn higher pay, win more promotions, and enjoy higher job security. If a college degree taught you valuable skills for a certain industry, like in civil engineering, for example, a postgraduate degree allows you to master those skills so you can fill the demands of civil engineers in your country.

Your journey to earning a master’s degree starts by taking the Graduate Record Examinations, or GRE. The GRE is a standardized test administered by graduate schools operating in the United States and Canada. This test determines a person’s eligibility for a graduate school program by assessing a person’s skills in writing, reasoning, and critical thinking.

For you to earn a good score in the GRE and start your journey as a postgraduate degree holder, don’t forget the following considerations:

1. Investing In The Right Learning Platform Is Important

Whether you recently graduated from college or earned a college degree years ago, investing in the right prep materials is essential when taking the GRE. You can utilize online practice tests, study materials, and private tutoring to help you prepare for the GRE.

While all of these are aimed to help you perform better in the GRE, take note that each of these sources has its own set of pros and cons. Taking online practice tests might require the presence of another person to time and record your scores, while private tutoring might be expensive in your area.

Carefully assess all of your available options and determine which among these best fit your learning pace and schedule. All of these learning platforms will require time and effort, so it’s important that you choose one that can effectively benefit your GRE scores.

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2. Memorize The Details Of Your Testing Center And Time

All of your efforts to study for the GRE will be useless if you arrive late in the testing center. Being pressed for time will hinder you from carefully reading the questions and providing the right answers.


Memorize all of the details of your testing center and make sure that you arrive at least thirty minutes earlier than scheduled. If possible, visit your testing center days before the exam so you’ll be familiar with the directions on the day of your exam.

Bring your ID photo and other documents required by the admissions of the graduate school. Wear comfortable layers of clothes so you can easily adapt if the room gets too cold or too hot.

There will be breaks while you take the GRE, so it’s best if you also bring some snacks and water.

3. Work On Warming Up Your Brain

Just like how you would do some stretches before strenuous physical exercise, your brain also needs to warm up before taking the GRE. Warming up allows your brain to mentally prepare and adapt to the demands of the GRE.

You can warm up your brain by reading the newspaper and doing some logic and math puzzles days before the scheduled GRE. Because of its ability to increase brain efficiency, playing Tetris can also help.

Don’t Go Overboard

There are a lot of tasks to accomplish before and during your scheduled GRE. And while taking practice tests and investing in prep materials can help, it’s also important to take breaks. Putting too much strain on your brain can only lead to mental block. Taking study breaks can increase focus and reduce stress, increasing your chances of earning a good score from the GRE.

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