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Top 6 Most Popular Engineering Universities

This post looks at university ranking, with emphasis on the most popular ones

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Popular Universities


Thousands of universities in the world are always in competition for top slots in the global ranking. And with millions of students yearning to be part of the best learning centers, the only barriers to their dreams is crafting a top-notch admission essay. This post looks at university ranking, with emphasis on the “most popular universities” such as Stanford graduate school.

But first things first…

What makes an institution of higher education a university?

You would want to delve deeper into finding why some institutions are more popular than others. Well, a professional college online essay editing service should help you with this topic by emphasizing the following:

  • High learning institutions that rank high on the popularity index usually register excellent academic performance every academic year.
  • Universities that have a rich history are among the most popular on the global index. It could be because they are the oldest or pursue a holistic study tradition that distinguishes them from the rest.
  • Another basis on which some graduate schools have ranked the range of diploma or degree programs.
  • An educational institution can also be popular given the numbers of international students it admits and still remain a top institution for higher learning.
  • State-of-the-art libraries or/and research centers is another aspect that often catapults a learning institution to the global index of most popular learning centers.

Thus far, let’s take a look at a list ranking the world’s most popular universities. Remember, you can always ask a college essay editing service to tweak the list as desired depending on the changes that may take effect in the future.

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1.     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Popular known as MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology remains a force to reckon with the list of world’s most reputed institutions of higher learning. From a mind-provoking motto, competitive learning system to state-of-the-art teaching methodologies, MIT remains on top for a seventh straight year. Thousands of research scholars around the world trace their problem-solving skills and critical thinking capabilities to MIT, an Ivy League member.

2.     Stanford University

Stanford University is popular for many things. From 100 percent academic excellence, high employability ratio of graduates from the institution, tens of scholarly citations every year, thousands of international students to competitive faculties, Stanford is a known for outstanding research.

It sits at the heart of America’s Silicon Valley in California, thereby providing great opportunities to students who would wish to pursue their careers in fortune 500 companies like Google and Yahoo. Moreover, straddling 8, 180 acres of land make Stanford one of the largest US university campuses.

3.      Harvard University


Harvard is the oldest higher learning institution in America dating back to 1636, a year in which it was founded. Over the years, it has remained a center of academic excellence, a reputation that keeps soaring on the world stage. It plays host to the world’s biggest library for academicians, not to mention 10 facilities offering quality degree programs.

4.     University of Oxford

For decades now, Oxford remains an academic center with global appeal. It boasts of great research output and plays host to thousands of students, both local and international. It is remarkable that while the university does not run the main campus, its tradition of instilling distinctive professional character remains impeccable even after tens of decades into its existences.

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5.     The University of Tokyo

Japan’s history of hardworking citizens and industrial excellence is deeply entrenched into its education system. The University of Tokyo, for example, is one of the most popular in the world housing more than 4000 academic staff and thousands of students. Dating back to 1877, it remains the most prestigious Japanese University and competes favorably with others such as Yale, Harvard and Cambridge. Thousands of top CEOs around the world are alumni of the institution.

6.     Columbia University


A Columbia spectator would agree that the institution’s presence on Ivy League is not for nothing. Established in 1754, Columbia is a research-based university that boasts of high acceptance of graduates in the job market. There are also hundreds of Oscar winners among and successful professionals and Nobel Laureates who were once students at the institution.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, there are tens of other universities that would occupy top slots on this list based on their popularity. Therefore, with the help of a good essay editing service, others such as the University of Michigan, the Australian Nation University, the University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore, Imperial College London and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology cut above par in ranking.


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