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How I Topped my Engineering Board Exam in Just 3 Months

"Only a few know my rather risky situation that I only had three months to prepare for it instead of the usual six," said Engr. Bautista.

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Engineering Board Exam Preparations


A lot of people know me at school as one of the four topnotchers in the recent Electronics Engineering Licensure Examinations.

And yet, only a few know my rather risky situation that I only had three months to prepare for it instead of the usual six. I hope this inspire those who think that their time is not enough.

Believe me, it is.

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Make every day count

Given only such a limited amount of time, why waste it? Allot a fixed number of hours to study certain subjects.

It’s best to keep a daily schedule on what you should study for the day.

And yes, an hour or two watching K-dramas on that schedule is fine, but maintain focus on the given subject during its time and minimize distractions.

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Read, read, and read!

There is no better time to go back to the basics than during your electronics engineering licensure review.

Finish a textbook or two on all of the major subjects, and do not skip even the easy chapters. And for the guys, using highlighters doesn’t reduce your manliness. Mark pieces of information that you’ve just learned.

The more colourful your book, the more information you retain.

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One less problem

Problem solving types of questions always have a place in the board exam.

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So, make yourself numb to the sensation of solving them. Find time to solve at least ten every day.

Only then will you find the resilience to do the same thing over and over for eight hours straight during exam day.

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Believe in yourself

Alas no ship can set sail without its captain.

No other existence in the universe can help you through this besides you.

Brace yourself, and go for it!

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Written by guest writer Francis Bautista

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