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Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad in England

We have compiled the best studying tips on how to save money while in London

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save money

Studying abroad hits the budget itself, but studying in England can actually burn a hole in your pocket. But don’t worry – there is always a solution to your dilemma. We have compiled the best studying abroad in England tips for you and will even tell how to save money in London specifically.

An unusual type of spendings for students is related to the process of studying. Very often, they have loads of homework, readings to the classes and written tasks. With such a workload, it’s hard to find time for a part-time job for example. The best essay assistant in such a case is an essay writing service that students look for. Unexperienced learners from abroad may not know about essay assistance from edubirdie UK, so don’t thank us for this. That’s a great way to reduce workload at a reasonable price and check out other useful tips from us. Starving is not one of the ways to help you study for sure, so don’t panic and learn how to save money.

Understand your budget

Saving money as a student is a hard task to do, but it’s really necessary to spend some time arranging everything. You can start with a monthly budget and think about the biggest categories of spendings (e.g. groceries, transport, phone/internet). It’s better to withdraw the needed sum of money and keep the card only for emergencies. In such a way you won’t spend more than planned and see how well you can manage the money you’ve got.

Travel Card

The United Kingdom (and London, in particular) has a wonderful public transportation system. You can take advantage of your student status and get a special Oyster travel card with a 30% discount to enjoy all the convenience of travelling around the city and not only.

How about spam online?

No one likes those endless email lists from all possible companies and websites, but sometimes they may be handy. Sites created especially for students, like UniDays, will send you offers on best deals of the week, and you’ll be able to save up to 20% from shopping in Urban Outfitters for instance. The same applies to travel. You will surely want to see the nearest European countries while you’re in the UK and if you are patient enough, the flight to Ireland from a lowcost company like Easy Jet may cost you only  £14. That’s a bargain, don’t you think so?


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Know where to buy lunch

Eating out is hardly affordable for a student. Not on the everyday basis for sure unless you want to be broke within the first month. We doubt you wan, so just go to Tesco instead of a cafe and get quite a filling and decent lunch offer for only  £3. You’ won’t find anything cheaper, believe us. It was one more useful tip on how to save money in London.

Stay good-looking for free or even get paid for that!

Sounds impossible, but in fact, it was quite true. If you need a hair-cut or a make-up done (more relevant for girls, obviously) you may become a model for the final exam of beauty school students. Some of them need models to stay with them all day long, so the school actually pays to the volunteers, and you can earn an extra £30 plus a haircut or make-up.

We are more than convinced you can find more ways of staying on a budget yet enjoying your student life in England. Make sure you try out all our tips and maybe even come up with your own. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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