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What Will ELearning Be Like in the Next 10 Years? 

A glimpse of how the eLearning industry might look like a decade from now

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Change is inevitable. Although there’s no definite answer to tell what tomorrow brings, but it is pretty sure it shall not be the same as the present. Such is the case with every industry or domain, eLearning being a part of it. That being said, are you excited to witness how the future unfolds for eLearning? Well, we have got you covered and provide a good indication of the same by taking a closer look at the past and present of it. So, get ready to witness a glimpse of how the eLearning industry might look like a decade from now! 

Augmented reality is set to dominate

It won’t be surprising at all if a few years down the line, all online training experiences take place in virtual environments mimicking real-life scenarios. This technique is pretty engaging and interactive which not only grabs the attention of employees but also compels them to perform the desired actions. Learners, in fact, enjoy as they are being trained for the situations they are set to face in real lives with the added benefit of a risk-free environment. Thanks to the expensive headsets and limited software that these today are accessible only to large enterprises. However, ten years from now, it is likely that there will be immense eLearning programs and tools offering virtual reality experiences. 

A whole new scenario in mobile learning

As more and more learners today prefer to learn via handheld devices which facilitate learning on the go, it is highly predictable that this technology is set to skyrocket at an altogether new level. Just like the trend for wearable technology thriving, i.e. people adopting smartwatches, Fitbit to monitor their fitness and catch up on the latest stuff, the future is moving towards potentially discreet and versatile devices such as those built-in clothing. With these, employees are not restricted to learn at a particular time and expand their skill sets as per their convenience. 

Big data shall gain more prominence

While big data is already a big force today, it is likely to gain more prominence in the near future. And, this is especially true for the enterprise online training sector. As analytics and reporting continue to gain immense importance, more organisations are adopting it with every passing day. Hence, it is certain that we are moving towards customisation and personalisation of data catering to the developmental needs of the learners. So, companies shall leave no stone unturned to fulfill the same and will incessantly be on the lookout for more in-depth big data tools which offer great insight into the minds and behaviours of the modern learner. 

Majority of cloud-based authoring tools

Cloud-based authoring tools are a type of rapid authoring tools which have gained widespread popularity due to the numerous advantages they extend to the course providers. So, ten years from now there’s a high probability of these cloud-based authoring tools growing manifold. This is primarily due to the fact that more and more organisations are witnessing the benefits of web-based training as their employees are more engaged and have become participative than before. Moreover, these tools come with software updates which one does not have to worry about and employees can access the course material as and when required. Alongside, there is also the choice of authoring tool free trial for courses for those who do not want to hastily pay for their subscription. 

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, the eLearning industry is headed towards an altogether new path which involves a lot of customization and personalization. Hence, it is likely that a decade from now the industry shall be completely customised and employees could be seen forging their own paths immersed completely in a personalised experience, thanks to virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile learning. This shall not only be added motivation for all online learners but also a driving force to help them attain their goals. This might be the future of eLearning with respect to the prevalent scenario and the ongoing trends. So, are you willing to make the most of it? 

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