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Why Students Are Going Crazy in Engineering School

If you’re worried that the engineering world is too crazy for you, don’t worry. You’re doing it right!

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Engineering School


We all know how hard engineering is, and we all know how crazy it can get.

As freshmen or transferees enter engineering studies, they expect the course to be normal or average just like every other university course.

You go to school, review and take exams, if you studied well—you pass, if you don’t—you fail.

Only to be surprised that engineering school is waaay different than they thought.

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First let’s talk about exams and quizzes. In most courses it’s more of a what’s right, is right and what’s wrong is wrong. In engineering however, most problems are random and have multiple answers.

What’s right can be wrong, and wrong can be right—ok that sounds confusing, but it’s true. Most engineering problems have more than one solution, which can lead to different or multiple answers—as long as you prove that it’s right, then your answer is right.

Engineering is a very complex course, which requires the students to be flexible and learn to solve using different methods.

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Another is that studying does not absolutely mean you won’t fail an exam. In engineering, not everyone who studies passes.

Engineering have unavoidable situations that can fail us in our exams no matter how hard we study.

This includes, calculator mishaps, basic math carelessness, teacher factor, and sometimes wrong problem interpretation.



Next, are the teachers. Engineering professors are by no means ordinary, after all, they’re engineers too—just crazier. They push engineering students to the limits, sometimes even a bit too much.

Some seem really approachable and friendly, but become your worst enemy when it comes to exams. There are those who expect you to be able to do the impossible tasks like memorize the whole physics book in a night.

Others would give you really simple lecture examples, and moderate difficulty questions for homework, but then the exam comes, and they give you a problem that will make you laugh at yourself for choosing engineering as your course.

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Lastly, are your fellow engineers. You’ll notice as they move up a year level, your co-engineering students get even crazier than they were the previous years. Why? Just see my previous explanations, who wouldn’t get crazy? And soon, you’ll be crazy as well.

But hey, if you were able to relate to all this, then there’s nothing to worry about because for an engineering student, being crazy is actually the norm! So don’t worry, you’re doing it right!

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