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#LeadersTalk with CHINT Electric, John Wang, Sales Director

Learn how CHINT became the biggest electric manufacturer and supplier in Asia. 

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During the Middle East Electricity Exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, CHINT Electric Sales Director, John Wang outlined their 2018 plans, innovative electric transmission & distribution products, latest electrical products for the electric utility and power generation industry. Learn how CHINT became the biggest electric supplier in Asia.

About the Leader

John Wang is currently the sales director of CHINT Electric Co., Ltd.,  a subsidiary of CHINT Group corporation, which is the leading player in the Low-voltage electrical, Power Transmission and Distribution industries, solar and solar investment in China. CHINT group is founded in 1984, we have more than 30,000 employees in the world, and 9 billion USD turnover in 2017.

我叫王向博, 正泰电气股份有限公司国际工程公司的销售总监,正泰电气股份有限公司是正泰集团下属公司之一,正泰集团是中国国内低压电器产品,高压输配电产品及太阳能板及太阳能电站投资的领跑者. 正泰集团成立于1984年,在全球现有员工30000名以上,2017年销售额为90亿美金。

About CHINT Electric

CHINT Electric Co., Ltd is one of leading player in the High-voltage electrical equipment manufacturing and EPC service in power generation, transmission and distribution in China. With the wide range of transmission and distribution products of the company, the one-stop EPC service as well as the systematic and professional solution to customers. CHINT has supplied its products and EPC services in over 130 countries, including more than 90 national power utilities, renewable energy users, oil and gas users, metallurgy users, railways users and so on. Now CHINT Electric Co., Ltd has become one of the main providers for Power T&D equipment and EPC services in the world.


CHINT Electric Co., Ltd Equipment Profile:

  • Power transformer up to 1000kV
  • Shunt Reactor up to 330kV
  • HV GIS, Circuit Breaker, Disconnector up to 252kV
  • HV instrument transformer up to 252kV
  • Dry type transformer up to 35kV
  • MV and LV Switchgear Cubicle&Prefabricated Substation
  • Cable and Wire up to 252kV
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  • 1000kV及以下电力变压器
  • 330kV及以下并联电抗器
  • 252kV及以下高压GIS开关,断路器及隔离开关
  • 252kV及以下互感器
  • 35kV及以下干式变压器
  • 中低压开关成套设备及预装式变电站
  • 252kV及以下电线电缆

Did you know that GineersNow Renewable Green Leaders magazine feature the CEO of CHINT? Click here to read the exclusive interview with the CEO of CHINT Group.

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