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#LeadersTalk with the COO of Sustainable Environmental Technologies, Amrita Ramona Shabla

One of the most promising start-up company in the waste management sector speaks to GineersNow TV

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One of the most promising start-up company in the waste management sector speaks to GineersNow TV. Amrita Ramona Shabla, Chief Operating Officer of Sustainable Environmental Technologies discussed their latest technologies, product innovations and the future of waste management during the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

About the Leader

Amrita Ramona Shabla is a visionary entrepreneur with more than 14years experience in business. She is the epitome of the positive, optimistic and energetic leader within any type of organization especially in Sustainable Environmental Technologies, which she herself found with her partner in Masdar City and is now running her own empire business for 3years. Amrita is complimented for her highly skilled communication, motivation and energy that is shaping the current people of UAE by her educating individuals (B2C,B2B,B2G) of what segregation, recycling, reducing and reusing can do for any country. In parallel she is the organizer who combines her talent for management by fully driving SET to becoming the #1 Waste Solution Company in the United Arab Emirates. She trains and develops her team towards vision, growth, motivation, persistency and fun, assuring the companies values are the ‘Customers’. Amrita cares about her clients and partners, whom she views as the key to growth and development to success. Over all a women that is made to make a difference in our ‘World’ today!

“Be the reason for people to unlock their potential, everyone is born to make a difference and it is not ‘IF’ but ‘WHEN’ you decide to take that step when success starts to follow”

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(Quote by Amrita Ramona Shabla)

About the Company

Sustainable Environmental Technologies ‘SET’ was established by Miss Amrita Ramona Shabla and her partner Mr. Assaad Maalouf in 2016 in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. SET has managed to bring in the latest most advanced technologies into the Middle East to shape the future of the country and the younger generation.

The UAE is facing a major crisis in waste as the population is expected to increase rapidly over the next few years where over 22,000 hectares of landfill (In Abu Dhabi alone) are overflown to this date. In specific, food waste is directly sent to the landfill and dumped with no measures put in place. The process of landfilling food waste emits methane gas which is 25x more harmful than CO2 emissions.

After years of research, SET has come up with a cutting-edge solution to organic waste, where the process of landfilling can be diverted. To minimize waste, one should tackle it from source. Hence, SET provides a technology which reduces food waste within a short time frame by up to 97% and the residue (3% left) may be used as a highly nutrient organic fertilizer/ 100% Compost or soil enhancer (depended on the size of the solution). The product varies in size suiting households, commercials and industries depending on the amount of waste produced (Capacities: 2kg, 5kg, 20kg, 25kg, 75kg, 125kg, 250kg 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1250kg all the way up to 15 Tons).  For the larger units, a bespoke made (customized) unit is manufactured as per the client’s requirement and remember SET is the only company currently able to manufacture up to 15,000kg plus.

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SET already has a large support system from individuals, business and several government entities where they have adapted our technology. I believe the UAE is aiming for 75% landfill diversion by 2021 as many others are within the GCC area as well as other neighboring countries and SET is here to make that happen.

Support SET by visiting and pledge by taking 1 of our waste solution and reducing your ORGANIC waste at source (your own home) by up to ‘100% ZERO Waste’ to make a change today.

Get the latest updates from SET’s online sites:





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